Cool Art Made By Motorcycle

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Jan 082010

OK Folks, back to the Fine Art Friday scene and this week is an artist from NYC.  Aaron Young was born in 1972 in San Francisco, attended San Francisco Art Institute in 2001 and then received an MFA from Yale University in 2004 can be downloaded from napster. He has been internationally exhibited and the works you see here are from a series called “Greeting Card,” and from his book, Arc Light Download pokémon go for free.

Aaron Young’s artworks rely on the aftereffects of dynamic, energetic, and sometimes even dangerous performances. He hires participants stereotyped as marginalized rebels, such as skateboarders and motorcycle riders, to perform various stunts in exhibition spaces on specially prepared platforms—such as the performance Arc Light for the exhibition, for what you are about to receive Play free full version solitaire. Like Steven Parrino, Young uses destructive actions as generative force; the traces of his ephemeral acts are recorded as videos, drawings, sculptures, and photographs to constitute artistic artifacts download the tax notice. In Arc Light, Young takes Robert Rauschenberg’s iconoclastic gesture, Automobile Tire Print (1951) as his starting point. But in the place of the older artist’s single tire track, Young produces an opus of traces of the complex and intricate choreography performed by a team of riders mein hausplaner kostenlosen. And thus an unexpected, updated, and expanded interpretation of Jackson Pollock’s seminal “action paintings.”

The work reminds me of a lot of things, but I think I like it because it is bikes… and because I wish I had thought of it.  Those that have followed my art career might remember my installation in Boston from 1995 entitled “Traces: coming together, coming apart.”  That installation used movement to make marks that are aesthetically much like the ones Young is producing… you can see it here ccleaner download for free german windows 8.1.

Below you will find some videos of Young’s performance pieces… check it out.

Love, Respect, and Biker Art,


Motorcyclists create burnouts on top of panels coated with layers of fluorescent paint herunterladen. Inspired by a Jackson Pollock painting and choreographed by conceptual artist Aaron Young. Support from Sotheby’s and Tom Ford, produced by the Art Production Fund

“Greeting Card,” a 9,216-square-foot painting executed via motorcycle herunterladen. 288 panels of plywood are laid on the floor, each painted in a bright hue of red, orange, pink, or yellow, and then covered in opaque black paint. On the surface of this 128′ x 72′ foot canvas, Young choreographs ten motorcycle riders as they burn rubber and perform spins, slowly wearing away the black-painted surface to reveal the colors beneath avery zweckform software download kostenlos.

A version as seen in Moscow keine sprachnachrichten downloaden.