Oct 272011



Yeah, we all have watched the OCC Boys in American Chopper at least once or twice the past 8 years or so… I watched religiously when it first aired, and lost interest once the drama became… well… drama calendar 2019 for free.


I was a bigger fan of the Biker Build Off series that was more than likely sparked by Jesse James’ debut on the Discovery Channel with Motorcycle Mania…


Anyway, we have an interesting head to head coming up on American Chopper between Paul Jr., Paul Sr., and Mr Download decocraft for free. Jesse James… This might actually get me to park my ass on the couch for an hour.


December 5th will air with the “build-off” happening.  The December 6th show will air live from Vegas as the bikes are debuted and voted upon.  A winner will be announced and who knows what will happen.  The show has never been live before, so this could be interesting.  The shows both air at 9pm Eastern minecraft pocket edition kostenlos downloaden vollversion pc.

If you watch, let me know what you think.  I will be sure to catch it on the computer at some point, as we no longer have cable.  Hey, it’s gas and spark plugs or cable… what would you choose sky go filme downloaden mac?







update:  Behind the scenes…  looks like Cole Foster is a hired hand… he is in Austin with Jesse now working on the bike… I wonder if I tooled over there this weekend if I could get a sneak peak…

Feb 082010

Orange County Choppers may still be in business, but their show, “American Chopper,” is over.  Do you remember when American Chopper started?  I do.  I always thought the drama was a little on the ridiculous side, but I was really into watching the bikes come together.  After about half a season, my dad and I were on the phone and talking about the show.  He mentioned that “those guys didn’t even build bikes, they just assembled them.”  Which was very true.  Everything was done outside of their facility from paint, to CNC work, to engine assembly, framework, and even front ends and wheels… Now, there was always a fabrication element, but they never actually made a tank or fender herunterladen.

Regardless, I was hooked and I dug the show.  My wife and I had ridden to Sturgis from Houston for our Honeymoon and we got to meet the guys.  At that time, the lines were still not too long and the merchandise sales were not too great.  We had a much better time hanging out with Mikey and Cody (Mikey was not yet a real “character” on the show… in fact when we asked if my wife could have a picture with him he said, “Why??  I guess so, but you have to come back here.” [Behind the table where they were selling shirts but not signing anything, as they were not “stars”]) download swtor.

The years went on, the show got sillier, the drama more intense, the destruction of property more childish, but the actual bike building increased.  The crew hired some folks to actually make bike parts and design their own proprietary pieces.  Mikey became a clown to fill time in the show and Sr Download free pdf file. and Jr. continued to really not make anything themselves.  Not that they couldn’t, mind you… I am sure they could and still can; however the talent happened behind the scenes a bit lebenslauf design kostenlos herunterladen.

About three years ago, I just lost interest.  Too much gratuitous yelling, smashing of perfectly good doors and windows, and a bunch of footage of them doing things unrelated to building bikes or even the bike business in general.  I believe I was one who held out pretty long too.  I remember folks giving it a chance, watching it a few times, and then just changing the channel internet explorer 11 für xp kostenlosen.

But, it had a fairly successful run.    Orange County Choppers has their own roller coaster, which I wrote about, they now have a line of production bikes; they still make a ton of cash off of OCC products and gear.  Key characters have come and gone, getting training and/or exposure and then heading out to work on their own.  And, finally, Jr control software. left the biz to do some other design work and Sr. started a lawsuit against him.  Quite a ride indeed.

The TLC reality series is closing shop after six seasons, with the series finale airing Thursday, Feb music on laptop. 11 at 9/8c.