Movie (TV) Mondays: Here Comes a New Biker Show

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Nov 092009

This airs Tuesday… I will TIVO it and see what I think…


Mike Ballard, owner of the world’s largest biker bar, has partnered with Jesse James Dupree (Mighty Loud), Arnold Rifkin (Cheyenne), and A latest version of whatsapp. Smith & Co. (Hell’s Kitchen, I Survived A Japanese Gameshow) to solidify a new TV show, ‘FULL THROTTLE SALOON,’ that will soon air on the Tru Network tolino book purchased as download. The show centers around Mike Ballard and what it takes to run the world’s largest biker bar – managing 300 employees, including 100 voluptuous bartenders, over nine days to make as much money as possible brawl stars jetzt herunterladen. When roughly 700,000 bikers descend upon Sturgis for the annual rally week, things are bound to get interesting! “I’m so proud to be working with the Tru Network,” says Ballard fiesta herunterladen. “It’s been a long time coming. Jesse Dupree and I have worked day and night to land a show for the last seven years. We both knew I had built something golden, and Jesse had seen it the first time he played the Full Throttle Saloon videos auf handyen iphone. I have put everything on the line multiple times to keep growing the Full Throttle Saloon brand. I’ve rolled the dice every year and I’ve been lucky so far – but you never know what tomorrow will bring.”

In addition to Mike Ballard, such Full Throttle celebrities as Goat Boy and Angie Carlson are available for interviews herunterladen. “I’m ready for everyone to see what it’s like to run the world’s largest biker bar, Full Throttle Saloon,” adds Ballard yelo play app windows 10. “I would like to give you something to compare it to but it doesn’t exist. With that being said you will have to tune into TruTV tomorrow and watch the series Download tomtom radarwarner for free. My hat’s off to TruTV for having the foresight to film the Full Throttle Saloon in action, and bringing us into your living room or bedroom.”

Shot last year, the second cycle of ‘Full Throttle Saloon’ was filmed at the 2009 Sturgis Rally this past August.