Apr 202009

Well, there is a new rally weekend on the horizon Download gta 5 mods for free.  Actually, there seem to be a few this year, but this is one of the handful that looks like it will be worth attending.

May 16 and 17 will see the 1st Annual Frog Jumps Biker Bash put on by Bikers Inner Circle (bikersinnercircle.com) and Big 7 Productions zoom cloud meetings.  The event will take place in Copperopolis, California at the Lake Tulloch Resort.  Best part??  No, not the bikini contest (which I am sure will be a great event), no, the best part is free admission for the public AND free vendor spaces for a donation to the raffle herunterladen.  Now, that is win-win.

Good Luck Charlie and hope that the turnout is huge.  Sounds like a fantastic event.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,




Mar 142009

Usually I say that I wish I lived in California herunterladen.  Year round riding weather (in the south anyway), beautiful landscape, and the best bodies money can buy.  However, when I hear about little towns like Santa Clarita with its 80,000 – 90,000 residents between 18 and 65, who can’t see a couple bikes roll up without thinking of Hollister and “The Wild One,” or even worse, “War of the Worlds,” I think those first three reasons are not enough alte osx versionen herunterladen.

Almost every club out there does some good for the community and, of course, they take care of themselves.  The Vagos MC are no exception and they held a benefit for a brother who is battling cancer was verbraucht mehr datenvolumen streamen oder downloaden.  Your basic bike rally/poker run/benefit type of thing, you know, auctions, BBQ, t-shirt sales, music, etc.  The event was held at the VFW Hall and many bike-riding veterans were on scene herunterladen.  About 300 bikes showed up, which is a nice size group, but the locals lost it and were running scared.  Calls went in about the terrible things happening and all the laws that were broken, but the only thing that was witnessed was a road guard holding up traffic while the bikes got out of a parking lot and onto the streets all photos from google.  Wow, enough to make me cringe with fear!

Twenty-four motorists were cited for breaking the laws, but it is not known what laws were broken (no proof of insurance, bike out of registration, helmet violation – who knows, but you can bet they made it sound like the citations were for gun running and drug trafficking) tiptoi welt der musik herunterladen.  The local law was quoted as saying that they were concerned because this is the second event of this kind in the county in the past few months amazon prime video herunterladen macbook.  Obviously, Santa Clarita is the new hotbed of Outlaw Biker activity and the residents should consider packing up and moving out… sheesh stack ball for free.





Fine Art Fridays

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Dec 192008


Welcome to Fine Art Fridays… this is just an opportunity to view a few of the pieces from the ArtBiker Gallery Download merge plane.  We will showcase an image or two a week.  To check out more, be sure to visit the ArtBiker website at www.ArtBiker.com


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,




images available for purchase in the ArtBiker Store

Untitled (Cabazon, California) : images available for purchase in the ArtBiker Store

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Dec 162008




mypicnewforsitenewestMike Devries was born in 1979 and has been a fan of art since he was a child itunes herunterladen windows 8.  Growing up in Southern California, Devries was introduced to tattooing at 16 when he received his first piece.  The coolest thing about this story is that he actually had the green light from his folks film frozen downloaden.  From that point on, he says that he “was hooked.”

As much as he loved getting tattoos and thinking that the career of a tattoo artist would be the coolest ever, after graduating from high school in 1997, he went to work in the family construction business einladungen gestalten kostenlos downloaden.  Then, as they say, opportunity just struck.  In 2003 Devries was being tattooed by Jim Hayek and ended up striking a deal… work on Jim’s house in exchange for a short apprenticeship wimmelbild games full version free pc.  pirate_chick1After only two months, Mike was slinging ink onto everyone he knew; and after one year, he had built up enough of a reputation to quit the family business and tattoo full time clash royale pc kostenlos herunterladen. 

Mike may have been working on his own in the tattoo world, but Jim Hayek’s influence and friendship kept on influencing the budding artist Age of empires download full version.  It was one of Jim’s paintings that inspired Mike to get back into the medium of paint and canvas. 

M.C deutschrap liederen. Escher and Salvador Dali as well as Kunio Hagio and Michael Godard are touted as a few of Devries’ favorites from the traditional and illustrative art world youtube videos herunterladen mit ipad. 

Mike’s tattoo work focuses on portraits and animals.  He is very concerned with realistic renditions of the world Download videos internet for free.  In fact, he has published a book called, “Let’s Be Realistic,” which focuses on, as the title implies, realistic tattooing word 2017 for free.  120 pages of information await readers in this advanced technique guide that will surely find a home on many a shop bookshelf.


If you are interested in setting up a session with Mike, drop him a note through his website at: www.mdtattoos.com.  If you are interested in having a portrait done, he requests that you send him a full sized photo.  If you do get to collect some of his work, please drop us a note and share.  I am sure you will be thrilled to death.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,