Apr 102011


Motorcyclist killed in accident involving suspected drunk driver


by khou.com staff

Posted on April 10, 2011 at 11:57 AM


HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A suspect drunk driver was in jail Sunday after a motorcyclist died in an accident in north Harris County download uni due windows.


Deputies said a motorcyclist was traveling westbound on Rankin near Rankin Circle W. around 1:15 a.m. when the driver of a black pickup truck turned in front of the bike while pulling into a dance club parking lot files faster.

Authorities said the motor cycle rider couldn’t avoid an accident and crashed into the passenger side of the truck. He died at the scene tinder app for free.

Deputies said the driver of the truck ran from the scene but was tracked by a K-9 unit and eventually caught by police hiding in nearby woods.

He was arrested and faces charges of intoxication manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid herunterladen.



39-year-old Carlton Bare, a proud member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, was killed when a drunk driver pulled in front of him on Rankin Road in Spring, Texas.  At approximately 1am Sunday morning, Bare impacted the passenger side of the Silverado and was thrown from his bike.  The car’s driver, Carlos Lengua (37), split the scene and did not stop to help.  Bare died at the scene and police and a K9 unit tracked Lengua.  He has been arrested for DWI and manslaughter.




Carlos Lengua