Triumph’s Crossed Piston Logo Could Be A Problem

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Feb 092010

I have written a little bit about the problems that can come up from someone wearing the wrong thing at the wrong time or in the wrong place.  Well, there is a new jacket being put out that is very, very cool, but might also be a little too close in design to a club’s colors herunterladen.

Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) member and West Midlands resident Carl Lolley says he believes the logo on Triumph’s Marlon Brando jacket is too similar to that of notorious biker group the Outlaws gefahrenpiktogramme herunterladen.

“This is the area where the guys who killed [Hell’s Angel] Gerry Tobin came from. It’s still very touchy. Wearing something like that could get you hurt” video.

Both logos feature a skull and crossed pistons, though Triumph says its jacket is solely a tribute to Brando’s character Johnny Strabler from movie The Wild One (the letters stand for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), and has nothing whatever to do with the Outlaws’ infamous emblem, known as Charlie samsung smart tv disney app downloaden.

There are many of you who live in areas where this will not be a problem at all, but if you are the slightest bit worried about it, pass on this jacket.  Better to not accidentally get into something if you can avoid it Download hotfix.

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