Jan 212011

OK, so, you may know Cycle Source… No, I take that back… You really should know Cycle Source… and if you don’t then you NEED to know Cycle Source wie kann man toca hair salon 3 kostenlos downloaden.

Some great articles, some great pics, in fact, the only thing they don’t have is me working for them… hey, I write, I photograph, I even make video… am I chopped liver? firefoxen windows 7?

Ok, maybe my personal hygiene is not up to Chris Callen’s stringent standards…

And, no, I am not NEARLY as easy on the eyes or as kind and probably not as articulate as Lisa Ballard who runs the Cycle Source Magazine World Report fonts herunterladen.

But still… shouldn’t there be a place for little ol me in this fine rag?

I digress, this is about Cycle Source and their new “TV” ad… funny… a little bit of the Twilight Zone cloud and star effect, some footage that lets you know this is a quality publication of REAL bikers, and hey, if my buddy Brew is in it, it has to be quality!  Way to represent Steve herunterladen!

Check it, and then subscribe… (and then send Chris death threats until he hires me on full time…)

Love, Respect, and Grass Roots Mags,


May 032010

Cycle Source Magazine Rolling Into The Big Easy Again!

The second annual Cycle Source Magazine Custom Chopper Show will take place Saturday May 8th at the Broken Spoke Saloon at the Riverwalk herunterladen. With trophies in 11 classes you have a great chance at taking home some Limpnickie Lot swag and bragging rights for a year. It’s free to enter, sig up is from 9-noon, awards will be given out by 4pm and who knows, maybe you might get your bike featured in an upcoming issue of Cycle Source sims for free. Of course like all Cycle Source shows, there will be no exception made for cry babies so show ’em if ya’ got ’em.

Awards will be given in the following classes:

  • Big Twin
  • Sportster
  • Trike
  • Touring
  • Chopper
  • Bobber
  • Antique
  • European
  • Asian
  • Awards will also be given for best rat, best paint and of course best of show blumenfotos zum herunterladen.

Some of the coolest bikes in this part of the country turned out for our first show in New Orleans show so we can wait to see what you cats roll in with for this year’s Chopper Show bilder von jimdo herunterladen.  Join The Cycle Source Magazine and the Limpnickie Lot during the whole event during New Orleans Bike Week at the Broken Spoke from May 6th through the 9th ebelsbach ls19 herunterladen. For more info go to http://bikeweekneworleans.com/

Mar 122010

So, as if I didn’t feel bad enough about missing Daytona… our friend Lisa Ballard sent this release to us to put out…  Looks like someone who had just picked up a new Panhead, lost his baby to a burn out pit fire uni ulm software to download. One thing is for sure… you get the kids from the Limpnickie Lot teamed up with the gang from the Broken Spoke Saloon, and things are gonna get crazy! postcards app!  Couldn’t put on a better party if ya tried!



For Immediate Release

Rally goers flocked to the Broken Spoke in droves during Daytona Bike Week 2010 and we want to send out a big thanks from the entire staff wps office kostenlos downloaden.

Daytona Beach, March 10, 2010- The Broken Spoke Saloon would like to thank all of their patronages that chose the Spoke as their home throughout the Daytona Bike Week app für android um youtube videos zu downloaden. In spite of less than favorable weather, the Spoke’s die hard fan base turned out and put down a positive vibe that made this rally one of the best in our history outlook für ios herunterladen.

The energy was positive and everyone enjoyed the ongoing party.

Even the bands fought through some bitter cold conditions to lay down performances that were nothing less than epic, taking the crowd on a sweet journey to the night‘s end herunterladen. Even Gallagher stripped down to his boxers, determined not to let Old Man winter take him down.

The crowd got more than they expected during the annual Limpnickie Lot night when members of the lot took the stage for a multi-bike, head to head, burnout and all of a sudden one bike, a Panhead, burst into flames right before the crowd’s huge eyes amazon serie auf laptop herunterladen. 30 foot flames added instant heat to the event but lucky, no one was hurt through the ordeal, due to the quick actions of the BSS staff and voluntary firefighters that were on hand Download vimeo for free. Now we know why Jay Allen has so many fire extinguishers on hand.

Burnouts are king at The Spoke and with the kind of unlimited amount of chaos only burnouts can bring to a party, Broken Spoke kept the crowd warm all week with a steady stream of smoke from events like the Baker Burnout and S&S Burnout Competitions herunterladen. There’s nothing better than pulling into the spoke and seeing a giant cloud of smoke heading through the bar.

So how was Daytona, you might ask violin noten kostenlos downloaden? Well let’s see…… Smokey burnouts, check. Hell Raising, Check! Killer tunes, CHECK! A week away from the average life…… HELL YEAH!!!!

Be sure to catch all of the events that will take place at every Broken Spoke Location by going to http://www.brokenspokesaloon.com or check out the new BSS blog, http://thebrokenspokesaloon.wordpress.com/

Till we meet again,

Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down!