David Zien Hurt in Motorcycle Accident

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Mar 192011

This letter is from Pan and is a repost from Lisa Ballard and the Cycle Source Blog.

For those who are hearing snips of what happened to Sen herunterladen. Dave Zien, let me set the record straight mac os 10.10. He was involved in a motorcycle crash on Sunday morning last, around 6:15 am. He was near Mariana, Florida, when an SUV or van overturned in front of him and he was unable to avoid hitting it youtube videos gratis herunterladen. His left leg was badly injured and he ended up losing it above the knee.  He also received a hip injury that turned out to be fracture of the acetabulum, which is serious download netflix program. Instead of open reduction and plates, they decided to do a total hip replacement, which is happening today. This is his right side, so with the left leg gone and the right pelvic fracture and hip replacement, he will not be able to put weight on that for some time spider solitär herunterladen. He’s at Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center.

Yesterday was his 61st birthday, and about 20 of us gathered at our Road Guardians Compound in Big Bend, Wisconsin office writing program for free. We called him and wished him a happy birthday and he was happy to hear fro m us. He was weak and using the morphine pump every 5-minute interval, so it was hard for him to communicate well with us adobe digital editions kostenlos download deutsch. He was best man at Vicki and my wedding, and a dear friend since around 1972.  The media likes to report he was not wearing a helmet. Of course, he did receive a minor head laceration that required stitches, but he also has fused bones in his neck and his surgeons warned him not to ride anymore because a crash could result in death or paralysis Redownload playstation 4 purchased games. Lucky he wasn’t wearing a helmet because the change of paralysis is great with the added weight to his already compromised neck.  Anyway, his bike is totaled (it’s the one Harley gave him on April 6, 2009 when he achieved on million miles on his 1991 FXR) and he is pretty bummed about that herunterladen. Also, he didn’t know where his Crazy Horse belt buckle was that I gave him for being my best man. He has worn that every day since June 26, 2002 heroes of might and magic 4 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. Also, his Lawmaker colors were missing. He and I are members of the Lawmakers, as was Sputnik.  They’ve located the colors and he thinks the buckle is with his clothes in the hospital locker in his room. He has a long road to recovery and I talk to him every day on the phone. Vicki and I are working as point for the family so they don’t get overwhelmed with calls. Our Wisconsin governor called me for his phone number, and he talked to Dave two days ago. Our former governor is trying to call his as well. Yesterday, Jim Fendry, Wisconsin Gun Owners, called me and he will be calling Dave also. They are good friends and work on concealed carry bills for Wisconsin. Twiggy from Easyriders called me yesterday too to pass on well wishes. With all of that, Dave is worried about people worrying about him. He also expressed interest in buying a Can Am Spyder to ride while getting used to his prosthesis.  The guy who overturned the van was cited for improper lane change resulting in losing control and driving after suspension. It appears he had no insurance and was from Ohio. Dave has insurance but it is questionable if he has enough. It’s going to be tough. My firm is representing him. I’ll visit him in mid April when Vicki and I ride down to Eglin Airforce Base near Panama City. She is the keynote speaker at a banquet the base is having. However, you can visit https://www.lipconlawfirm.com/ to get more information on accident lawyers.

Although the leg and hip are major injuries, I’m worried about the accumulative affect of these injuries and the surgeries. He has a bad heart and this will take a toll on it and each surgery makes him weaker. He’s not out of the woods by any means. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.



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