Avoid Georgia! Motorcycle Only Checkpoints

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Feb 132011

From Dan Forrest, State Director of A.B.A.T.E download alone in the wilderness audiobook for free. Georgia.

“Motorcycle Checkpoints to begin in March. As many of you know, the State of Georgia received $70,000.00 from the NSTB for Motorcycle ONLY Safety Check Points herunterladen. They will stop all Motorcycles at these Check Points.

We were informed by unnamed sources that the Check Points would start in early March to coincide with the Daytona Bike Week event camera. Most points of entry to Florida will be involved. We are anticipating them to start March 3rd in order to take advantage of the additional flow of Motorcycle traffic thru our State rollercoaster tycoon classic for free. I was told that the officers conducting the safety check points have been trained in what to check for so be sure you, your paper work and your bike are in order window live mail.

We understand that this is just a way to increase revenues, so do all you can to avoid adding to the state funds. There are many who trailer into Georgia and ride into Florida from here windows media player 12 windows 7 64 bit deutsch kostenlos. You may wish to change your plans and trailer on through to Florida”

Mar 122010

So, as if I didn’t feel bad enough about missing Daytona… our friend Lisa Ballard sent this release to us to put out…  Looks like someone who had just picked up a new Panhead, lost his baby to a burn out pit fire uni ulm software to download. One thing is for sure… you get the kids from the Limpnickie Lot teamed up with the gang from the Broken Spoke Saloon, and things are gonna get crazy! postcards app!  Couldn’t put on a better party if ya tried!



For Immediate Release

Rally goers flocked to the Broken Spoke in droves during Daytona Bike Week 2010 and we want to send out a big thanks from the entire staff wps office kostenlos downloaden.

Daytona Beach, March 10, 2010- The Broken Spoke Saloon would like to thank all of their patronages that chose the Spoke as their home throughout the Daytona Bike Week app für android um youtube videos zu downloaden. In spite of less than favorable weather, the Spoke’s die hard fan base turned out and put down a positive vibe that made this rally one of the best in our history outlook für ios herunterladen.

The energy was positive and everyone enjoyed the ongoing party.

Even the bands fought through some bitter cold conditions to lay down performances that were nothing less than epic, taking the crowd on a sweet journey to the night‘s end herunterladen. Even Gallagher stripped down to his boxers, determined not to let Old Man winter take him down.

The crowd got more than they expected during the annual Limpnickie Lot night when members of the lot took the stage for a multi-bike, head to head, burnout and all of a sudden one bike, a Panhead, burst into flames right before the crowd’s huge eyes amazon serie auf laptop herunterladen. 30 foot flames added instant heat to the event but lucky, no one was hurt through the ordeal, due to the quick actions of the BSS staff and voluntary firefighters that were on hand Download vimeo for free. Now we know why Jay Allen has so many fire extinguishers on hand.

Burnouts are king at The Spoke and with the kind of unlimited amount of chaos only burnouts can bring to a party, Broken Spoke kept the crowd warm all week with a steady stream of smoke from events like the Baker Burnout and S&S Burnout Competitions herunterladen. There’s nothing better than pulling into the spoke and seeing a giant cloud of smoke heading through the bar.

So how was Daytona, you might ask violin noten kostenlos downloaden? Well let’s see…… Smokey burnouts, check. Hell Raising, Check! Killer tunes, CHECK! A week away from the average life…… HELL YEAH!!!!

Be sure to catch all of the events that will take place at every Broken Spoke Location by going to http://www.brokenspokesaloon.com or check out the new BSS blog, http://thebrokenspokesaloon.wordpress.com/

Till we meet again,

Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down!

Broken Spoke Saloon is ready for Daytona Bike Week

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Feb 152010

February 02, 2010- Daytona, Florida- Jay Allen and his team at the Worlds Biggest Biker Bar, the Broken Spoke Saloon have been feverishly working to get the Daytona location ready for all of the bikers riding into Daytona Bike Week ‘10.  A brand new crew of beautiful bartenders have just gone through Jay’s rigorous interview process and the best have been selected.  They are ready to quench your thirst!  Jay has called upon some great acts to entertain Daytona goers this year – such as the sultry but sweet Jasmine Cain, Satisfaction- The International Rolling Stones Show, Jethro Tull tribute band Aqualung, the legendary Atlanta Rhythm Section and so many more download free mahjong games.

This year, The Broken Spoke Saloon will have the one and only Gallagher, appearing center stage on Friday, March 5th. As part of his “Stuck in the 60’s Tour, the mallet wielding mad man is going to throw down at the Spoke Download sound for free. He’ll be geared up with all the zany antics that you would expect from this legendary entertainer and more. Tickets will be sold on location so be sure to get there early to grab the front row mahjong.

Stop by the Broken Spoke anytime day or night for a slew of contests including the loud pipes contest (4pm daily), German Stein holding, male pole dancing and more for everyone to be a part of — some that are too outrageous to mention here garmin basecamp download windows 10!

If it’s burnouts you like – join us for Baker Drivetrain night on Friday the 5th and the S&S Smokeout on Saturday night March 6th.  Limpnickie night is Thursday, March 4th with head-to-head burnouts and a Miss Limpnickie contest – all leading up to Cycle of Pain at 10pm herunterladen.

Please see the attached schedule for the full Daytona Bike Week lineup at the Broken Spoke Saloon, or find it online at: www.brokenspokesaloon.com/events.php

The Broken Spoke Saloon Daytona is located at 1151 N free audiobooks children. US Highway 1 in Ormond Beach with free motorcycle parking.

With locations in Daytona, New Orleans, Myrtle Beach, Laconia and two in Sturgis – please make the Broken Spoke Saloon your home away from home netflix filme herunterladen windows 8. For more information, please go to www.brokenspokesaloon.com.

Broken Spoke Saloon Schedule

Saturday, February 27th

1:00pm – Laura Lynn & Lucas Hoge

2:00pm – German Stein Holding Contest

3:00pm – Laura Lynn & Lucas Hoge

4:00pm – Loud Pipes Contest

5:00pm – Laura Lynn & Lucas Hoge

9:00pm – Aqualung: Jethro Tull Tribute

Sunday, February 28th& Monday, March 1st

1:00pm – Laura Lynn & Lucas Hoge

2:00pm            – German Stein Holding Contest

3:00pm – Laura Lynn & Lucas Hoge

4:00pm            – Loud Pipes Contest

5:00pm – Laura Lynn & Lucas Hoge

** More bands TBA

Tuesday, March 2nd

1:00pm – The Broad Band

2:00pm – German Stein Holding Contest

3:00pm – The Broad Band

4:00pm            – Loud Pipes Contest

5:00pm – The Broad Band

7:00pm – Jasmine Cain

9:30pm            – Male Pole Dancing Contest

10:00pm – Jasmine Cain

Wednesday, March 3rd

1:00pm – The Broad Band

2:00pm            – German Stein Holding Contest

3:00pm – The Broad Band

4:00pm            – Loud Pipes Contest

5:00pm – The Broad Band

7:00pm – Jasmine Cain

9:30pm            – Male Pole Dancing Contest

10:00pm – Satisfaction:  The International Rolling Stones Show

Thursday, March 4th

12noon – The Broad Band

3:30pm – Straight Shooter: Bad Company Tribute

5:00pm – The Ferrell Webber Band

6:30pm – Houses of the Holy: Led Zeppelin Tribute

8:00pm – Satisfaction:  The International Rolling Stones Show

9:30pm – “Miss Limpnickie” Contest

10:00pm – Limpnickie Lot Burnout

10:30pm – Cycle of Pain

12midnight – “Double Bubble” Contest

Friday, March 5th

12noon – Joe Santana

5:30pm – Seven Bridges Road: Eagles Tribute

7:00pm – Houses of the Holy: Led Zeppelin Tribute

8:30pm – The Ferrell Webber Band

9:30pm – Baker Burnout

10:00pm – “Mr one drive datei herunterladen. Baker Burnout” Contest

10:30pm – Gallagher

12midnight -“Double Bubble” Contest

Saturday, March 6th

12noon – Joe Santana

4:30pm – The Ferrell Webber Band

8:30pm – Seven Bridges Road: Eagles Tribute

9:30pm – S&S Smokeout serien von netflix herunterladen!

10:00pm – Male Pole Dancing Contest

10:30pm – Atlanta Rhythm Section

12midnight – “Double Bubble” Contest

Oct 282009

Fall is here and many of you are getting your bikes ready for the winter storage.  I live in Houston, TX and am able to have my bike out all year long with little discomfort.  I may take a ride in 30 or 40-degree weather four or five times… but nothing like our die-hard friends up North download photos van flickr.

As many of you pack up your sleds, I am sure you start to daydream about Daytona.  It is, after all, the first major rally of the year.  I am no different.  The Galveston Rally is about to hit this weekend, but after that, the big rallies are over for the riding season.  So, I daydream about next year’s schedule.  And this time around, I think I would like to add a few destinations to the list that I have either never been to before, or have not been in ages and ages.  What follows will be a three-part article on the best of the best, dream destinations for 2010.  You will find the old standards like Sturgis, new events like Asian tattoo conventions, and kustom culture events like Viva Las Vegas… so read, enjoy, mark your calendars, and dream big whatsapp backup herunterladen ios.


January is an overwhelming month for tattoo conventions.  Kicking off the year is one event I have never attended and would give my left nut to visit (well, that is if it wasn’t already surgically removed).  2010 will host the 2nd Annual Singapore Tattoo Convention (www.tattoo.com.sg/).  Yeah, Singapore!  Like Singapore Sling… a reason many young folks get their first tattoo… This convention does a wonderful job of mixing the best artists and amazing styles.  Last year’s event was titled “East Meets West” and showcased 60 of the East’s best artists and 60 of the most talented from the West.  This year’s selection should be just as amazing.  And before you start freaking out thinking that there is no way your artist can finish your piece at the show’s short run from January 8th thru 10th, and there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that you will ever be able to afford to travel back to Singapore, the convention folks have set up shop for post tattoo show sessions… so, extend your stay, enjoy the culture, and get that piece wrapped up before heading back home.  Cool sims 4 download for free.


Stateside will provide Austin’s own, Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival (www.golivefast.com/contentsaus.php).  This will be the 8th year of this convention and my Ol’ Lady and I always love attending.  The only bitch I have about this gathering is that I never know what is going on there until the convention is upon us.  As of now, there is nothing on-line about the 2010 event, but we can assume that it will most likely take place January 8-10 or 15-17.  I am rooting for the later weekend as my little girl’s birthday is January 9th and I won’t make it out there for the show if we are having a bouncy castle bash for a bunch of four year olds norton internet security herunterladen.

But, if it is the 15th-17th, and I actually could go anywhere I wanted, my number one choice would be to travel to Australia where I could soak in the biker culture (which is rapidly changing because of the events taking place the past 6 months or so), and I could attend the SURFink Tattoo Convention.  Not only would the weather be beautiful, remember it will be the height of the summer Down Under, but there would be so many new roads to ride, bikers to meet and amazing tattoo artists to watch.  The artist list consists of some of the best tattoo talent in the entire world and the convention will be held in the infamous Gold Coast.  There will be seminars, Art Fusion events, tattoo contests, pin-up parades, and even trips to check out the rain forest!  Check it out, drool, and dream… www.tattoosurfink.com

February and March find us with the official kick off of the bike season with the Daytona Bike Week Rally.  The 69th anniversary of this event bridges February and March by running from Feb download office 2010 kostenlos deutsch. 26 to March 7th (http://www.officialbikeweek.com).  We all know what to expect from this event.  There will be a huge party at Destination Daytona, the Bruce Rossmeyer legacy that includes his ginormous dealership, restaurants, music venues, a J&P store, an Arlen Ness dealership, and more.  There will be the Rat’s Hole Show, the Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Old School Chopper Show, events at Main Street (although probably not as much as in past years), coleslaw wrestling at the Cabbage Patch, events at the Last Resort in Port Orange, and more… Weather is usually great, people are nice, and the cops continue to get worse herunterladen.


April showers bring the Lucky #13th year of the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend!  Now this is an event not to be missed.  Make sure to be at the Orleans Hotel from April 1st – 4th for the very best in Rockabilly music anywhere.  Headlining is Chuck Berry.  And if for some reason the music doesn’t get you crazy, then go for the car show, tiki pool party, burlesque competition, vintage fashion show, and the biggest burlesque show in the world lol launcher!


And don’t forget the 28th Annual Laughlin River Run!  For those that have never been, the River Run became a media circus after the brawl between Mongols and Hells Angels at the Harrah’s Casino in 2002.  As of late, the run has become a bit more expensive, but is still well attended.  You can check out the happenings and schedule soon at the LRR’s homepage: www.laughlinriverrun.com linux free full version german iso. The beauty of this year’s event is that the 3rd Annual Laughlin Tattoo Convention will be happening at the same time!  The Aquarius Casino Resort will host the event April 21st – 25th and there will be the usual tattoo contests, music, good food, great folks, and there will be bikers!  Check to see if your favorite artist is going to show by visiting the official website at www.dermalknowledgeproductions.net video from any page.