Brother Can Ya Spare 10.5 Million?

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Mar 152009









Deadwood is important to me, Saloon No facebook videos downloaden german ios. 10 is important to me, hell, I fly the Deadman’s Hand on my colors so you know Wild Bill Hickok is important to me.  For anyone that doesn’t know the story, Wild Bill was holding two aces and two eights when he was shot in the back during a card game in the basement of Saloon No herunterladen. 10.  The hand is now history as is the saloon and the town.    And now, now a piece of that history is up for sale youtube video online herunterladen.  For only 10.5 million, you can own an important piece of American History.  Yup, the old Number 10 is for sale.225px-wild_bill

For the past 45 years, members of the Keehn family have owned the 10 cortana.  “The children of the late Lew and Marion Keehn — Lori Keehn, Linda Maxwell, Louie LaLonde and Gary Keehn — own and run the saloon sketchup downloaden gratis. LaLonde said the siblings decided to sell so they can do other things with their lives.

The $10.5 million price includes the saloon, the Deadwood Social Club restaurant and Top of the Ten wine and martini bar upstairs and the adjacent Utter’s Place gambling hall downloaden npo start. The building, operations and liquor license are included in the sale, which is listed by Greg Klein of Century 21 Associated Realty in Deadwood.”

The residents of Deadwood and lovers of the town from all over the country are a bit concerned with the historic properties changing hands teamviewer jetzt kostenlos downloaden.  It seems that lately the trend is to revamp and remodel.  Problem is, often the charm and history goes out the window winterdienst simulator kostenlos downloaden.  With any luck, the new owners will keep things pretty much as they are.  To make the transition easier, the current owners have stated that they would be happy to stay on as managers and directors of marketing and branding Download 3sat videos.  It sounds as if this would be a smart thing to do as the family has not done a bad job over the past 45 years.  The new owners would be wise to learn what they know youtube converter full version for free.

Good luck Number 10, see you in August.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,