Nov 192010

This just in… literally just in fotos vom iphone herunterladen mac.  Got off the phone with Robert Swope and he has given me permission to let the cat out of the bag…

The team of Guys & Glory have officially teamed up with the Shriners to not only help out with checkpoints and taking care of riders, but to officially sponsor the Shriner’s Hospitals tiktoks herunterladen.  You see, one-half of all monies raised in the newly released “Ride a Mile Program,” will go directly to the Shriner’s Hospitals media player for free.  The other half of the monies will be split between the three chosen Veteran’s charities (Able Forces, Project Healing Waters, and Not Alone) jahreskalender 2019 zum downloaden.

So what is the ride a mile?  Well, basically, an individual, business, or corporation may sponsor a rider for as little as half a cent a mile herunterladen.  Guts & Glory are hoping to raise per mile per rider… that will bring in 10 Million Dollars!  Talk about a donation!

The official press release will come out next week and I will send it your way downloaden.  Until then, rest happy knowing that you are some of the first people to hear about this amazing fundraising endeavor.  I hope you will consider taking the ride yourself download java old version.  I had been planning on it, but I have to come to terms with the fact that I will most likely not be able to come up with the entry fee for the ride and with only 1000 riders involved, I am sure they will find someone who would be happy to take my spot gpx file. But I have not completely given up hope just yet.

Congrats again to the Guts & Glory Team and the Shriners for working out such an amazing opportunity.

Love, Respect, and Philanthropy,