Holy Drug Lords Batman!

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Aug 032011

I just found this story from the Galveston news…





Jogger finds 25 bricks of cocaine on Galveston beach


Aug lootboy for free. 3, 2011, 10:33AM

Read more: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headline/metro/7681613.html#ixzz1TzqRhcRD

GALVESTON — A jogger on Galveston Island discovered a bag in the surf Tuesday containing 25 bricks of cocaine with an estimated street value of $2 million you can download music from amazon music unlimited.

The jogger, whose name police are withholding, discovered the bag about 9:30 a.m. near Indian Beach, police spokesman Cpt. Jeff Heyse said android 6.0.

He lugged the heavy bag to his residence and slashed it open to find 25 bricks of cocaine, each weighing 1 kilogram or 2.2 pounds, bundled in plastic wrap and rubber, Heyse said free youtube to mp3 converter ist dasen von musik legal.

Recognizing the packages as cocaine from television programs, the jogger phoned police, Heyse said. The bricks tested positive for cocaine, he said modern warfare herunterladen ps4.

The wholesale value of each brick is about $675,000, he said.

Heyse speculated that the cocaine could have been dumped overboard by drug runners at the approach of a U.S download minecraft skyblock. Coast Guard vessel or may have been intentionally allowed to drift into the beach for a pickup.

He said the drugs would be sent to a Federal Bureau of Investigation lab herunterladen. The lab would be able to determine the country of origin, but it would be nearly impossible to find out who tossed it overboard.

“We’ll never know, unless a body washes up behind it,” Heyse said telekom mail herunterladen.

Read more: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headline/metro/7681613.html#ixzz1Tzq6iT22

Lone Star Rally This Weekend – Snow in Texas?

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Dec 102008

Well, it is about 35 degrees outside and rainy download netflix ps4.  The forecast is even for possible snow tonight!  Now, this may not be anything new for you, but for us in Houston it is freakin’ cold https www.spiele-pc-herunterladen.de rating!  Not to worry folks, the Lone Star Rally is this weekend and it should be in the 60’s by Friday and the 70’s by the weekend word free full version german windows 10.  We may have a drizzle of rain Sunday, but nothing to keep you from having a great time.

I plan to hit the island with my Brothers on Friday afternoon, and possibly again on Saturday with the whole family download gmx mail.  If you see me there, please stop me and say hello. 


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,


Lone Star Rally : The Rally to Rebuild

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Dec 022008




I have previously written about the Lone Star Rally kostenlos tetris herunterladen.  We were all set to go when Hurricane Ike hit us and put the kybosh on that idea… Well, Galveston is getting itself back together just as quickly as it can and the rally has been given new dates prism.  Things will kick off next Thursday (December 11th) and I plan to be there for sure.  The weekend will have lots of great events for you to see and there is always a cool brew and people watching house music for free.  For those of you who are not from the Houston area, you may want to make the trip just to get out of town for a while… things here are very inexpensive compared to much of the US and the temps should be in the in the high 60’s vavoo pro for free!  Hope to see you there.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,


Perhaps a Perfect Weekend

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Nov 032008

This weekend may have just been the perfect weekend.  I took off from work a little early to head home and get ready for the Halloween festivities.  The wife took dinner to a friend who just had a new baby and I got the girls ready for the evening.  When Mamma got home, the girls painted pumpkins.  For some reason, we had it in our heads that the girls would paint faces, the traditional triangle nose, the jagged teeth, the ominous eyes… instead, they proceeded to paint themselves every color until they were covered with a thick layer of “brownpurplegreenblue.”  Luckily Mamma had the foresight to buy washable, and non-toxic, paint.

We cleaned them up, got their costumes on and sat outside with some candy in a big blue bowl.  The in-laws came over to help celebrate and we all sat outside with a beverage and a camera vlc download kostenlos windows.  Our oldest daughter is two and a half years old and shouted to everyone on the block to come over so she could give them candy.  She would get so excited that she would grab a handful from the bowl and rush out to the sidewalk to greet all the trick-or-treaters with a smile and a compliment on their costume.  The weather for us in Houston was very pleasant and the mosquito problem was not as bad as we first thought it might be.  After a while, we took the girls to a few houses on the block to do some trick-or-treating of their own.  Our youngest is only 15 months old, so Mamma had to carry her house to house.  She said that she felt the neighbors must have thought the candy was for her because the baby was a little young for some of the taffy and other treats… they were probably right.

The next morning I got up and ate breakfast with the family before rushing out to strap some skates to my feet and thrash about on the ice for an hour or so herunterladen.  Got there a bit early and watched the little figure skaters practice a holiday routine and the little hockey tuffs slipping and sliding into each other and the walls.  By the time I came out of the rink, the weather outside was beautiful and all I wanted to do was hop on the bike and take a much-needed ride to clear my head.  When I got home, I found that the Ol’ Lady and the kids were going to meet her folks at a nearby restaurant for lunch, so I cleaned up and fired up the ol’ Deuce.

First stop was the nearest Harley Dealership where I sat on all the models for about an hour.   This is a weekly ritual eplan makros herunterladen.  I never buy anything, I just sit on a bike and think, “yeah, this is the one I will get next…” or, “this one would fit the Ol’ Lady perfectly!”  I am always shopping, comparing, studying every detail, and dreaming. 

By now the salespeople were getting tired of me again and I blew down the coast to hit a favorite haunt and custom bike shop.  I met up with a few Brothers for a beer or two and wandered the showroom of the shop, beautiful machines by Saxon and Iron Horse.  Depending on the models I chose, I could have either bought 3 or 4 of these machines or my house!  I suppose I made the right choice as I have become soft and really appreciate a roof over my head.  Plus, I don’t know what the Ol’ Lady would prefer… scrubbing the floors or trying to keep all that chrome clean gif on giphy downloaden.

The day was too perfect to sit in an icehouse and get drunk, so I headed out.  I followed my front wheel and ended up in Galveston.  I had not been there since the hurricane hit a few months ago and the devastation is still very much apparent.  It was a sobering sight to see so many homes and businesses destroyed.  Made me very much appreciate all that I have and made me think my financial woes are nothing compared to those that have just lost it all. 

I hit the seawall and cruised along the water.  It was actually amazing how many businesses were already back microsoft home and student 2010 kostenlos downloaden.  It seems the storm would obliterate a few buildings, and then have mercy and leave one looking as if it has almost been untouched… then destruction again.  A few of the local hangouts were hopping and the bikes were out.  As I cruised along looking at the water, about thirty club members came up on my left.  I was in the hometown of one of the country’s “Big Four” and most clubs do not come over the causeway with colors on unless they are looking for trouble.  They check out my cut and eye the patch on my back before giving me a knowing nod.  We have an understanding and I respectfully return the look to each as they pass and go on their way to patrol their island dropbox einzelne fotos herunterladen.  I know I am a guest here with special privileges and I act accordingly. 

The water is a strange color of blue.  Not really a strange blue, more like strangely blue.  The water here in Galveston is usually an unattractive brown because we get all the silt from the Mississippi.  However, the storm cleaned out the bay and the water has become very pretty.  A few families are walking the beaches and enjoying the scenery.  Folks are just happy to finally be allowed back on the island.  The government wouldn’t let anyone back for a few weeks after the storm while the search and rescue teams did their jobs google play musik herunterladen auf handy.  Folks are back now, but most of the island is still without power.  The Galveston Rally is coming up in another month and we all hope that it injects the locals with some much-needed revenue to rebuild.

The sun began to make its descent in the sky, so I started to head back to my own neck of the woods.  As I pulled up, I saw the girls playing outside.  I went ahead and spent about an hour taking the little ones for rides in the sidecar before having to go pick up a pizza for the night’s dinner.  On my way to grab the grub, I passed by a Brother’s house and he and his Ol’ Lady were in the front yard pulling a carburetor off a four-wheeler farm frenzy download vollversion kostenlos.  I stopped in to talk a little club business and just say hello.  I had little time as the pizza was waiting and the family was hungry.  Luckily my wife loves that cheap pizza that resembles cardboard.  The toppings and cheese don’t come off if you turn the box sideways, so it is easy to throw the pie in the sidecar and get it home without damage.

When I arrived at the house I was surprised to find out that our 15 month old had started walking while I was gone!  Boy, leave the house for 20 minutes and the whole world changes.  Funny part was that my wife was playing fetch with her.  She would throw a cracker onto a beanbag chair and the little one would scurry over to retrieve the bite-sized morsel download minigolf for free german.  Crackers have become her favorite food, as “cracker” was one of the first words she could say that would get her something that she wanted.  My wife and I basked in the glory of how amazing our offspring was and how quickly they are growing up.  It was a perfect end to the day.

Sunday I got up and got out of the house by 7am to do a side job.  Need a little extra money, just like everyone else in the country.  I landed a gig jurying a high dollar art contest for local high school students.  I saw some good work, doled out about as much as my yearly paycheck, and took the complimentary lunch home to share with my wife libreoffice calc.  The kids were still napping so we ate, talked, and enjoyed the quiet for a little while.  When the little ones awoke we played together and enjoyed the company until the sun went down.  Then a few phone calls to wrap up some Club business and a nice dinner. 

The kids were off to bed and while they were going down, I had a chance to check out some reference material for my next tattoo session next Sunday.  The girls were asleep, Mamma came back downstairs and we watched a little tube together before heading off to bed.  It all sounds pretty idyllic to me and I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve such a rich life.  Yeah, we have our problems, we have trouble making ends meet, sometimes I hate my job, but all in all we really have it good.  We are lucky and just need to step back every so often and look from the outside.  It was a really good weekend.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,


Hurricane Ike Can’t Keep Bikers Down!

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Oct 052008


Hurrican Ike headed for Galveston, TX "Certain death for those that don't evacuate."


AP Photo/Javier Galeano

Photo Credit : AP Photo/Javier Galeano


It is true; the hurricane has got nothing on us zdf mediathek beitrag herunterladen.  For those of you out in the rest of the country, you may or may not be aware of the devastation Ike left on Galveston and the Southern Houston area Bubble game download for free.  The ArtBiker family was lucky and suffered some minor damage and was only without power for about 11 days. With the aid of battery operated radios, we were able to find out a little of what was going on snapchat illegal herunterladen.  When we did get our power back, all the local stations were still running Ike news 24/7.  The city forgot about everything as we focused on FEMA Points of Distribution, Ready to Eat Meals, and $12 bags of ice from the few price-gouging vendors who had the balls to try and take advantage of the situation itunes 64 bit.  The news took our breath away.  Neighborhoods were gone… yes, literally gone!  Not even rubble left behind, just bare land cd brander!  If you have not seen the pictures, do a search and check out the damage.

Anyway, we were lucky to not have another Katrina disaster and the island of Galveston is struggling to come back to life as quickly as possible wie kann ich auf soundcloud downloaden.  And working they are.  In fact, promoters of the Lone Star Rally are dubbing their annual event as the “Official re-opening of Galveston.”  As the Island re-builds the Lone Star Crew is doing what they can for the community that has embraced them since their first rally in 2004 ntlite.  The Rally is set for the weekend of October 30th – November 2nd and there are special plans to help bring folks in and do their part to bolster the economy minecraft hacks download.  The efforts include:

A Charity Casino and Auction benefiting Ronald McDonald House.

An attempt to bring more major entertainers in for benefit concerts brennprogramm für windows vista kostenlos downloaden.

Vendors will hold Trick or Treat for the Galveston kids from 6pm-9pm on Friday.

LSR will hold a kids costume contest download navigon for free. The top five kids will get new bicycles.

Over 20 donation stations around the venues will be set up.

A special Rally to Rebuild logo can be added to the Official T-Shirt for a donation to the Rally to Rebuild Fund.

A telethon will be held inside the Convention Center on Saturday to raise money.

If given enough space on the Seawall, LSR will provide free space to Galveston merchants who have product to sell but no place to sell it.


This is all fine and good, and we applaud the LSR Team for their efforts, but what is the rally going to offer all those bikers they are hoping to attract?  Well, in past years, this rally has drawn nearly 500,000 riders to the island of Galveston.  This year there will be a special concert by the Beach Boys as well as three stages around town featuring 60 bands.  Demo fleets, deep sea fishing and dolphin tours, AMA tours and poker runs, a Halloween Costume Biker Parade and the World’s largest Leather and Lace Ball, ghost ship tours, the Lone Star Lady Riders’ Conference, as well as your usual bikes, babes, beer, and other standard rally fare.

The ArtBiker family will be there in force, taking pictures, holding wedding ceremonies, passing out free ArtBiker cards and gear, and kicking back with a cold one while watching the world go by.  If you make it, please come on up and say hello, we would love to meet with you.


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,