Departure for Uhl

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May 112011

I have the jump on the worldwide release of David Uhl’s latest creation… You probably know him and his amazing artwork (which is endorsed by the motor company itself) netflix filmeen kostenlos.  The latest piece is a bit different for Uhl and I am kinda digging on it.  I certainly enjoy and appreciate the history that spawned this piece python programm herunterladen.  If you happen to be a person of means, then you may want to throw some greenbacks his way.  Art is always a good investment.  I have purchase some of his work myself ard untertitel herunterladen.


Love, Respect, and Fine Art,



As David stated, “I have been looking at these old photos from 1916 since 1998 and have always wanted to use them somehow.  I finally found the piece of the puzzle to complete a composition that I have been working on for a very long time.  I was always quite fascinated by the colorful character named Teddy.  He seemed like someone I would have loved to meet — a man who stood for many things that seem so relevant even in today’s world.”

The photos above, from “The Enthusiast” magazine in 1916, provide the unique backdrop for David’s latest creation, “Rough Rider.”

We are pleased to offer the following edition of signed/numbered canvas giclees, either unframed or framed.   

Edition specifics:

“Small” – image size 20″ x 15″, edition of 75 plus 10 Artist Proofs and 5 House copies.  Your price unframed is $365, framed $500

“Regular” – image size 32″ x 24″, edition of 75 plus 10 Artist Proofs and 5 House copies.  Your price unframed is $1,300, framed $1,450

“Jumbo” – image size 48″ x 36″, edition of 35 plus 5 Artist Proofs.  Your price unframed is $4,080, framed $4,250

** David wants to have some fun with this one, so he’s offering a discount of 15% for the first ten confirmed (paid) orders and 10% off the next 10 confirmed orders aquasoft diashow kostenlosen! ! **

Please confirm your order by calling me at 303-913-4840 or responding to this email.  Thank you.

Best regards,

Greg Rhodes

Uhl Studios

5801 W. Colfax Avenue

Golden, CO  80401



Fritz is Back! HD Art Lovers Take Note

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Nov 222010

You may have seen his work… He has been an Authorized Artist for Harley for something like 12 years now…  He has produced stunning works and now has a new piece being released media player for free.  The official write up is below, and you can always find out more at his personal website:

Love, Respect, and Fine Art




Fritz Is Back anno 1800 online!

Authorized Harley-Davidson artist Tom Fritz is proud to announce the completion of his latest painting and official release of “Percussion Discussion” herunterladen.

A ’54 Panhead, 3- and 5-window Ford coupes, a ’32 Ford roadster, a ’40 Ford coupe. Harley-Davidsons and Hot Rods. Striped club sweaters, white t-shirts, and cuffs pdf herunterladen ipad. Self-appointed experts sharing answers without ridicule. No jokes. No mocking. This isn’t art about flash-in-the-pan trends. It’s about pure ethic, traditional aesthetics, and style fraught with truth herunterladen.

The original oil on canvas measures 40″w x 30″h.

The limited canvas giclee edition is available in three sizes, hand-signed and numbered, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity koreanische tastatur herunterladen.

Large Canvas: image 36″ x 27″; 35 prints plus 5 Artist Proofs. $1850 framed plus shipping.

Regular Canvas: image 29″ x 22″; 80 prints plus 10 Artist Proofs herunterladen. $1,250 framed plus shipping.

Small Canvas: image 22.5″ x 17″; 50 prints plus 5 Artist Proofs. $800 framed plus shipping.

For more information or to order your print, contact Tom at his studio fast and furious 8 ganzer film deutsch herunterladen.

Tom Fritz

Tel: 805.499.1630

Fax: 805.499.1759

P. O. Box 800

Newbury Park, CA


Jul 222010
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With the excitement surrounding the 70th anniversary, David is capping the number of available prints this year.  He’s also including a special paper version (also signed and numbered) which will be only be available unframed over the rainbow mp3 download kostenlos.

In 1936, Clarence “Pappy” Hoel started an Indian dealership in Sturgis and formed the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club.  Two years later, the City of Sturgis joined forces with the Jackpine Gypsies to hold the first “rally” (known as the Black Hills Classic) which was highlighted by the championship half-mile race.  David’s subject in “70 & Counting”, a member of a motorcycle club at the time, is on her way to the inaugural festivities when she stops near Devil’s Tower to get her bearings.  We can only imagine that her new cowboy friend wishes she would stay longer dateien von der icloud herunterladen!

We are taking orders now and will begin production as orders are received.  If you are collecting the entire Sturgis commemorative  series, you will continue to receive first right of refusal on your matching edition number.  Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.  Edition specifics (shipping is included within the contiguous U.S.):

“Regular Canvas”, image size 28″ x 21″, edition of 70 plus 7 APs and 7 HCs,  $895 framed

“Oversize Canvas”, image size 40″ x 30″, edition of 12 plus 2 APs, $2,250 framed

“Deluxe Paper”, image size 18″ x 13.5″, edition of 70, $195 unframed (only available unframed)

Best regards,

Fine Art Fridays: Teaser From Uhl

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Jan 162010

It’s been two years since “Evelyn” found her way into your hearts and we are almost ready to release David Uhl’s newest addition to his Women of Harley collection, “Stella” hintergrundbilder kostenlos herunterladen für laptop.

Unlike “Evelyn”, “Stella” is not a seasoned rider but more of a rebel immersed in the changing attitudes from the Victorian Era to the Roaring ’20’s.  Harley-Davidson was a catalyst in that change and just seeing a woman on a motorcycle was a pretty radical concept at the time stempeluhr kostenlos herunterladen.

The painting is about 70% complete and we’ll be taking it to the Barrett-Jackson show in Scottsdale, Arizona which starts on Monday.  David will complete the painting there and we will begin taking print orders at that time.  We will send a full-image email release upon our return from Arizona (January 26th).  For those of you who want to add “Stella” to your collection, we will hold your matching numbers while in Arizona windows 10 update 1903 manuell herunterladen.

David wanted to tease everyone with the cropped image of “Stella” below.

If you’re coming to Barrett-Jackson, please stop by and see us.  We’ll be in the same location as in the past and you’ll get to see “Stella” in progress handy animationen kostenlos downloaden!



Greg Rhodes
Uhl Studios
15801 W. Colfax Avenue
Golden, CO  80401


Fine Art Fridays: Derek Kinzett

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Nov 202009


Contemporary Artist Derek Kinzett was born in 1966, and spent his childhood living in Doddington Park, Gloucestershire.  Derek moved with his family to Wiltshire in 1977, and completed his Diploma in Art & Design in 1984, majoring in sculpture and three-dimensional design musik aus facebook videos downloaden. In 2004 he launched ‘The Inner Spirit Collection’ of wire sculptures, which has continued to grow in size and content.

Derek’s work has gained recognition and respect for its intricacy and detail, receiving commissions from clients such as and Tim Green of the Tate Gallery, Lord Ethan Stewart and the actor Nicolas Cage herunterladen.


I am not sure if Cage commissioned the sculpture of the Harley, but it sure is an amazing piece of work.  This little baby is a life-sized replica made mostly of chicken wire youtube to mp3 converter for free.

Derek has recently concluded his term as the Artist in Residence at Newstead Abbey in Nottingham, completing four specially commissioned wire sculptures for the Abbey’s Rose Garden bebas font.

Check out more on Derek’s website:

Love, Respect, and Fine Art,


Ps- I have tried over and over to watch this clip showcasing Kinzett’s work… I finally made it through the entire 4 minutes and 23 seconds by shutting the sound off my computer… not saying you have to, just saying…