Oct 202010

Today is the day when the trial of five Outlaws, including the national president, is to begin in Richmond’s federal court in Richmond lieder kostenlos onlineen. An additional six bikers will be tried starting Dec. 1.

You  may recall that more than two dozen members of the Outlaws and Pagans motorcycle clubs were arrested last June in Maine, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.  They have been charged in the indictment that alleged the Outlaws moved into Virginia in 2006 when it opened the Manassas chapter, with plans to expand in the state and battle with the Hells Angels in the Richmond area samsung smart tv senderliste herunterladen.

The 50-page indictment alleges the Outlaws ran a long-term criminal enterprise that involved attempted murder, kidnapping, assault, robbery, extortion, witness intimidation, drug distribution, illegal gambling, weapons offenses, and a civil-rights violation download the primary school script.

Authorities say that in February, Outlaws members discussed plans to blow up a Richmond tattoo shop owned by a Hells Angels member, and that in March, undercover agents who infiltrated the gang were instructed on how to make several types of explosives for killing Hells Angels in the Richmond area video auf iphone downloaden.

Last Wednesday, Mark “Snuff” Steven Fiel, president of the Outlaws’ Manassas and Shenandoah Valley Chapter, plead guilty to a charge of conspiracy to violate federal racketeering law ballerspiele kostenlos downloaden für android. He was the 14th person to sign a plea deal and faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced in January. Fiel will forfeit his 2005 Harley-Davidson, but his agreement does not require him to rat on other club members samsung s3 bilder herunterladen. Plea deals often call for cooperation with authorities, although the lack of such a provision does not bar someone from snitching.

Feil’s son, Mark Jason Fiel, 37, a former Outlaw, is set to be tried Dec herunterladen. 1. He and club member Christopher Timbers, 37, are charged with violating the civil rights of a black man beaten because of his race in Fredericksburg in 2008 download the world video. The civil-rights charges will be tried separately.

Jack “Milwaukee Jack” Rosga, 53, of Wisconsin, the Outlaws’ National President, is among those set to be tried today on charges of racketeering and conspiracy to commit violence in the aid of racketeering download music app.

The others on trial today are:

• William “Rebel” Davey, 46, a former chapter enforcer in North Carolina;

• Thomas “Jo Jo” Petrini, 48, a former Outlaws member in the Manassas chapter;

• Mark “Lytnin'” Spradling, 52, treasurer of the club region that includes Virginia and both Carolinas

• Leslie Werth, 47, vice president of a South Carolina chapter service inhalt veraltet. updates herunterladen.

In addition to the racketeering and conspiracy charges, Davey and Werth are accused of violence in the aid of racketeering and firearms offenses.

One of those indicted will not be tried — Thomas “Tomcat” Mayne, 59, was shot to death June 15 in Maine when authorities tried to arrest him the day the charges were made public.

Three Richmond-area members of the Pagans, who allegedly allied themselves with the Outlaws, also were indicted: Charles Love, 49, of Amelia County; and Charles Barlow, 43, and Dennis Haldermann, 45, both of Chester.  Barlow and Love have pleaded guilty, while Haldermann will be tried Dec. 1 on a charge of committing violence in the aid of racketeering.

Sep 292010

(CNN) — America loves its outlaws, but few of us actually dare to live the lifestyle ältere amd treiber herunterladen. Veteran LIFE photographer Bill Ray got about as close as anyone, riding along with a notorious biker gang.

In 1965, the Hells Angels were little known outside the American West star wars the awakening of the makes free. Ray spent several weeks in Southern California, photographing and traveling with the San Bernardino chapter of a gang that would soon become notorious for its hedonistic, lawless swagger herunterladen.

See more of Bill Ray’s Hells Angels photos at LIFE.com

The Hells Angels are now a worldwide phenomenon — incorporated, licensed and branded herunterladen. But the gang Ray traveled with, two years before the Summer of Love and four years before the deadly violence at a Rolling Stones concert at Altamont speedway made them infamous, truly lived on the fringes of society aboalarm kündigung herunterladen.

In a culture where the Beach Boys and the Beatles fought a squeaky-clean battle for the hearts and minds of America, the Hells Angels were, in the words of Hunter S herunterladen. Thompson, a “burst of dirty thunder” that shocked folks wherever they went.

It was a time when the roar of stripped-down Harleys and the sight of long-haired bikers on the freeway — or riding into a sleepy town — was still new, alien, and for the average law-abiding citizen, more than a little frightening wie kann ich microsoft powerpoint kostenlos downloaden.

Forty-five years after the story and photos were rejected by a LIFE managing editor, they still have some of that shock value, a reminder that outlaws still have a secret sweet spot in the American psyche businessplan muster kostenlosen.


CNN does not want the video from the story imbedded into the blog, so follow this link and enjoy

‘We’re In A War,’ Vagos Gang Member Asserts

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Sep 192010

What follows is a well written article from the Prescott News (Written by Lynne LaMaster).  It is a good follow-up of the incident that took place last month in Chino, AZ.



It was obvious that the Vago gang members were on edge microsoft 365. They knew the tension between their gang and the local Hells Angels gane was rising. The fact that Saturday, August 21 was the day they had planned to have a get together in Chino Valley was cause for concern.

According to a report by Detective Dave Zavos, from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Aurelio Figueroa, also known by a nickname of “45”, and identified as the Vice President of the Vagos Tri-State Chapter, tried to keep fellow gang members from coming to Chino Valley that weekend herunterladen.

Zavos reports, “Figueroa stated that he contacted fellow gang members and told them not to come to Chino Valley.”

But, a group of about five Vagos came anyway. The group that was already in Chino Valley met them in the parking lot of a local store to wait for the Phoenix group’s arrival.

Earlier that Saturday morning, there had been a silent confrontation at the Circle K on Highway 89 in Chino Valley between members of the two gangs; nothing happened, but the tension was evident, even in the video tapes reviewed a couple of days later by Zavos download legal audiobooks for free.

Zavos continues the report on what happened that afternoon, “Figueroa stated that he told the guys to be careful. He stated that their pack went down Rd. 3 North and got separated in traffic. He stated that he was second in the pack and that he was present when Bob (Blankenship) got shot. He stated that Bob was making a u-turn after having passed by the Hells Angels house mozilla firefox chip german free windows 10. Figueroa stated that Blankenship’s duties as a Sgt.at Arms is the protection of the club and that is why Blankenship went forward first to make sure it was safe. Det. Skelton asked Figueroa if he recognized the Hells Angels as a rival motorcycle club and a threat to them? Figueroa stated ‘yes’.

” Figueroa stated that as they rode past, the Hells Angels were just standing in the yard with their arms at their sides ard mediathek broadcasts. Figueroa stated that a fully patched Hells Angels member with blonde hair and wearing a red hat backwards or a bandana began shooting. Figueroa stated that he knew he (male shooting) was a “full patch” because when the shooting started, the male layed down behind a bike and saw the back of the guys cut and there was a death head on it. Figueroa guessed that there were four shooters. He stated that he identified some of them but that was not all of them.

“Figueroa stated that the shooting stopped when they (Vagos) returned fire Download vsdc for free. He stated that the Hells Angels ran into the house and that two gunman were on the second floor shooting out a window. He stated that he was concerned for the women and children at the house, so he picked up his bike and rode back to the house. He stated that after he told everyone to stay down, he returned to the area by the Chevy pickup and parked behind it to stay out of site [sic] of the window where they were shooting from herunterladen. He stated that after the shooting stopped, everyone went back to the house.”

When Detective Skelton asked him what would happen in the biker world as a result of this incident. Figueroa replied, “We’re in a war.”

In the meantime, calls were coming in to the Chino Valley dispatch center. Here are the calls as released by the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office download movies without registration. (Editor’s note: The beginning of each call, which directs the caller to ‘Press 1’ for this option, or ‘2’ for another option, etc. has been edited out. Please note that the silences are part of the calls, presumably as an effort to protect the names of innocent bystanders.)

…to be continued itunes herunterladen iphone.

Editor’s note: The information released by the County Attorney’s office was voluminous, and it will take time to fully understand all that happened that day. There were 15 emergency calls made to Chino Valley Dispatch as can be heard above. Over 400 calls between law enforcement and dispatch were included. Over one hundred pages of supplemental reports were also part of the information provided to the media igo primo. We’ll do our best to comb through the information and provide a comprehensive series of reports.

Original Article:


Angels and Vagos Shoot It Out In Arizona

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Sep 092010

You have probably heard the news by now about the club incident between suspected Hells Angels and Vagos members in a little town called Chino Valley, AZ.  Located just north of Prescott and about 100 miles from Phoenix, members of both clubs live within blocks of one another wie kann man auf dem laptop apps herunterladen.

The Northwest region of Arizona has seen this power struggle for almost eight months now as members of each group fight to claim territory.

Last Saturday, around 12:15 p.m., YCSO received many phone calls regarding shots fired at the home in the 2600 block of Yuma Drive Download loops for free. Dwight D’Evelyn, sheriff’s office spokesman, said that upon arrival at the scene, YCSO deputies and Chino Valley police officers began detaining suspected motorcycle club members microsoft word for free 2007.

In the late afternoon, TV images showed several dozen men and a few women dressed in biker garb outside a rural home in the Chino Valley area with Harley-Davidson motorcycles parked alongside app video herunterladen. Heavily armed law enforcement officers kept them under surveillance.  Nearby, several dozen police vehicles blocked roadways into the area, and two men wearing biker garb were in plastic handcuffs flickr the owner forbidsing the photos.

Hours earlier, at 1:47 p.m., two helicopters circled around the perimeter of the crime scene. About half an hour later, at 2:10 p.m., paramedics who had landed next to the gray home in a Verde Valley Medical Center helicopter could be seen exiting the residence with one person on a stretcher herunterladen. That person was flown to a Phoenix-area hospital.  In total, there were 5 people sent to the hospital, but there were no deaths.

Twenty-seven suspects were arrested and over 50 shell casings collected kasse herunterladen. As of Wednesday only the names of nine suspects had been released:

John Anthony Bernard, 44 – total of 16 counts filed against him

Kiley Steven Hill, 39 – total of 15 counts filed against him

Robert Edward Kittredge, 36 – total of 8 counts filed against him

Bruce Andrew Schweigert Sr., 46 – total of 8 counts filed against him

Jess Ramirez Flores, 61, of Glendale – total of 5 counts filed against him

Michael Trevor Koepke, 28, of Prescott Valley– total of 3 counts filed against him

Kevin E Download nacon profile. Christensen, 50, of Kingman – total of 15 counts filed against him

Brian E. Apfel, 38, of Las Vegas – total of 3 counts filed against him

Larry Dean Scott Jr., 47 – total of 16 counts filed against him

Which motorcycle club the charged suspects belonged to, if any, was not stated weihnachtslieder kostenlos downloaden. According to Yavapai County Sheriff Deputy Scott Reed, each man is being held on $75,000 bond.

The Yavapai County Attorney requested that 17 defendants be released from the county jail on Tuesday since no felony complaints would be filed against them in this matter at this time download flux.

The Yavapai County Attorney also moved to dismiss without prejudice two other defendants’ cases because there was insufficient evidence to proceed at this time.

Weekend Pass: Cops keep eyes on outlaw clubs (Sturgis, SD)

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Mar 042010

Outlaw motorcycle [clubs] might claim to be good ol’ boys who like to ride bikes, but law enforcement officers say that by definition, outlaw [club] members are involved in crime free games that you don't have to. Kevin Thom, director of the Attorney General’s Division of Criminal Investigation, said that he considers outlaw [clubs] to be organized crime.

To keep track of [club] activity, DCI completes a report at the end of the Sturgis motorcycle rally tallying all contacts officers have with [club] members and gathering intelligence information erotischste romane hörbücher kostenlos herunterladen. Officers note who is enrolled in which [club] and what roles individuals have within the [clubs].

The information is then put into a report a few inches thick and shared with 35 states and five foreign countries that have an interest in the information, Thom said Download adb driver.

The information gathered this year will be used by DCI to prepare officers for the next year’s rally, Thom said. DCI puts together a Law Enforcement Safety Bulletin, a handbook of outlaw [clubs]’ identifiers and terminology, a timeline of violent motorcycle [club] involvement in South Dakota from 1981 to the present, and acts of violence nationally in the current year all images from google photos.

The crimes traditionally committed by outlaw [clubs] during the rally are drug possession and distribution, motorcycle theft and assault, according to Pat West, director of the Rapid City DCI office travel book xls download for free. In general, [club] members don’t commit random attacks against others. “If you mind your own business, everything will be fine,” West said bildbearbeitungsprogramm deutsch kostenlosen. “If you pick a fight, you’ll get one.”

Anyone picking a fight with one [club] member might get more of a fight than he can handle, West said, because other [club] members will join in vlaamse films downloaden gratis. “Every one of them is loyal to those colors and that group,” West said.

Law officers have been concerned in the past that [club] violence would erupt at the rally because of disputes between [clubs] in other parts of the country die siedler kostenlos herunterladen vollversion. In April 2002, a shootout between the Hells Angels and the Mongols in Laughlin, Nev., left three dead and 12 hospitalized. In February the same year, a fight between Hells Angels and Pagans in Plainview, N.Y., killed one and injured 10, according to the Associated Press free ebooks download kobo.

Authorities here were alert for signs of problems at the 2002 rally, but none occurred, Thom said.

“Rivalries between [clubs] ebb and flow,” West said free beats herunterladen.

Motorcycle thefts are big business for outlaw [clubs], and professional thieves work motorcycle rallies, Thom said. Law enforcement officers work to prevent thefts and recover stolen bikes, and representatives of the National Insurance Crime Bureau come here to try to identify stolen motorcycles and parts.

Locally, the Bandidos is the only outlaw [club] with official chapters, two in the Black Hills and one East River. Hells Angels owns 120 acres north of Sturgis, and the Sons of Silence have a 10-acre campground seven miles north of Sturgis, Thom said.

A Rapid City Bandido, Christopher Horlock, 44, turned himself in June 21 in Houston after being indicted with 25 other people in Seattle, the AP reported.

Horlock, a national regional secretary for the Bandidos, was wanted on charges of conspiracy to tamper with a witness.

Horlock’s indictment and arrest was part of an offensive launched by federal agents and police against the Bandidos after a two-year investigation, according to the AP. Authorities served arrest and search warrants in Washington, Montana and South Dakota.

Source: know[clubs].com