Nov 252008

Last week we looked at the amazing work of Guy Aitchison minecraft 0.8.0 apk for free.  As promised, this week we will take a peek at his better half, Michele Wortman’s work. 


Michele grew up looking at art and has been involved in the art making world most of her life battlefield 2.  What I find interesting about Michele is that she was motivated to become a tattoo artist by her experiences collecting work.  She found that the majority of work out there at the time was a bit overbearing for her and she longed for something that was geared more towards a feminine aesthetic team viewer herunterladen mac.  In fact, she has since decided to cater to an all female clientele. 


Nature and the objects, textures, and elements that can be found within it heavily influence Wortman studo app herunterladen.  While she is open to doing individual pieces, she is very interested in completing what she calls “body sets.”  These sets offer more of a balance to their work and collection wlan amplifier for free.  While one may think of them as being large works, smaller pieces may also fall into this category.  What Michele is encouraging is for her clients to think more “holistically” about their entire collection herunterladen. 

abr4Besides an obvious talent for working on skin, Michele has her fingers in a few other media as well films android for free.  She has a wonderful collection of figure drawings on her site, which are perhaps one of the telltale signs of any serious artist.  The ability to capture the human figure is one that many will struggle with an entire lifetime Download wordpress image from mediathek.  Her gestural images are loose while retaining feeling and detail.

Michele is also an experienced painter and her works capture an amazing essence of the natural world while often injecting a spiritual quality 3d küchenplaner software kostenlos.  Wortman has taken to what she calls “hypersketches” to keep herself fresh and artistically in tune when on the road.  Each of these small paintings/drawings is done in less than an hour and allows Michele to work in an intuitive way facebook datenarchiv herunterladen.  A plus of this type of work is that the images are often available on e-bay for a reasonable sum, which means we get to collect her work without having to take too much out of our tattoo account.


For those of you who know me, you know that I am an artist who bases himself in photography.  So, it is probably no surprise that I am drawn to Michele’s photographic works.  In 2005 she published a book entitled Moments of Epiphany.  This book is a collection of her macroscapes and abstract detail photographs.  The coolest part of the publication is that it comes with a soundtrack that is meant to be listened to while looking at the images.  This, for me, shows how far ahead Michele thinks when working on a project.  The ability to conceptualize a body of work that transcends the traditional boundaries of media is one that many artists never attain. 


It goes without saying that I believe anyone would be happy with a piece by this artist, whether it be a body set, hypersketch, or photograph.  A piece by this visionary would be worthwhile in any collection.

Be sure to check her out at her virtual home


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,




Nov 172008

It is Monday night and I am sitting in a lounge chair trying to figure out which of the wonderful tattoo artists I am going to tell you about in the weekly Tattoosday Blog warface kostenlos downloaden.  As I go through my list, it occurs to me that I may have to take a few steps back before I step forward.  No, I am not going to give you a history lesson in tattooing and the art and culture surrounding it, although I may put that together for you later herunterladen.  Rather, I am going to tell you about a man whose work I have followed since 1989 or so.  This individual could possibly be responsible for the rapid expansion and growth that tattooing has seen in the last 15 years vm herunterladen. I remember seeing this new artist’s work in an Outlaw Biker Tattoo Review magazine in 1989, and by 1990 my friend Victor was pining for a piece by this Chicago artist how to sims for free.  He is certainly talented and I find that other artists consistently list him as an inspiration.


Guy Aitchison began tattooing at the age of 21 at Bob Olson’s Custom Tattooing in Chicago carnival songs for free.  He had been an illustrator for a few years prior, painting album covers for many bands on the California-based Shrapnel Records label hier ihr ebook downloaden.  After only two years, Guy went out on his own and opened his own studio, Guilty and Innocent Productions.


Guy has a distinct style that may be hard to describe, but is immediately recognizable tomtom routes.  Back in the late 80’s, early 90’s when I first discovered his work, it was like nothing I had ever seen on skin.  There was a new depth, an image within the body that seemed to be viewable through the tearing, separation, and even absence of skin, an internal space-scape of sorts, and intergalactic journey into what lies beneath the surface download skype free.  This style has grown and matured over they years and his techniques have influenced many of today’s top artists. 


Now, don’t let me mislead you into thinking that all Guy does is make these space type inner world images music from tidal.  Not at all.  If you take a peek at his web galleries, you will find some of the most amazing works that range from photorealistic to abstract, organic to figurative, portraits, color, and black and gray work youtube premium herunterladen pc.  He really does it all.


Aitchison is not only a tattoo artist, but also an avid painter and his painting and tattoo styles seem to reflect and build upon one another.  As of 2008, Guy has been producing some amazing auto-mechanical style images.  They remind me a little of how I imagine a space ship might look.  Some also resemble internals of a smaller machine with cogs and sprockets amidst wires and other electronics.

Available $1250

AutoMech4, 2008 : Acrylic on Canvas : 8x16 : Available $1250

When not creating amazing works of art on skin or canvas, he can be found on the convention circuit giving lectures and workshops.  He has also been involved with exhibiting his works and putting together other opportunities for tattoo artists.  He and his partner, Michelle Wortman (who will be in this section next week), have put together some exciting things on their website including a link to their very own YouTube channel.  Check it out and, if you are ever lucky enough to get a piece by him, let us know! :


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,



PS – If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, please be sure to stop by the Canvas Los Angeles Gallery and check out the new exhibition, Visionaries 2008.  The show runs from November 15th – January 4th and includes Guy, Michelle, and a group of other amazing tattoo artists.