Nov 222011
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A second poster is being produced in conjunction with the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies annual conference… I plan to be there with the boys and am hoping go give a lecture or show some art… come out and say hello! harrington schriftart herunterladen!




PS- the image you see is an original Polaroid… the bike in the photo is an original from Sucker Punch Sallys (back in the day when Jeff and Donny owned it) einkommensteuer formular downloaden.

Nov 252009

Well, sound stuffy?  It’s not… I have had the privilege of participating in a couple of these conferences and they are a fantastic time!  Not only do you get to meet bikers from all over the country, you get to spend some time talking bikes and lifestyle with others who really think about it Download merge plane.

The IJMS online magazine is also a gem to add to your bookmarks.  Check out the amazing articles, great artwork, and provocative info passed around in this fine venue.  In fact, why not head there now herunterladen.

Love, Respect, and Biker Theory,


Call For Papers: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOTORCYCLE STUDIES CONFERENCE, Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 3-6, 2010

The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies (IJMS), the only online, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to motorcycle culture, will be hosting its inaugural conference at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, June 3-6, 2010 facebook downloaden windows.

IJMS is dedicated to the study and discussion of motorcycling culture in all its forms—from the experience of riding and racing to the history of the machine, the riders and design to the images of motorcycling and motorcyclists in film, advertising and literature filme von google play auf pc downloaden.

We welcome submissions on all areas related to the cultural phenomenon of motorcycling worldwide. We invite contributions from all members of the motorcycling community.  Suggested topics include:

  • The motorcycle or riding in film, literature, art and music
  • The motorcycle as art
  • Motorcycle racing
  • Motorcycle history
  • The role of place/environment in motorcycling
  • Motorcycling and issues of safety and risk
  • Motorcycling and the law/legal issues
  • Motorcycle technology/design
  • Motorcycling and race, class, ethnicity, sexuality or gender
  • The psychology of the motorcycle, the motorcyclist and the ride
  • Motorcycle travel/tourism
  • Motorcycle rights and politics
  • The commodification of motorcycles, motorcycling and/or motorcyclists
  • Motorcycle clothing/fashion
  • Advertising/marketing of motorcycles, gear and motorcycle culture
  • Media representations of motorcycling
  • Other literary, anthropological, geographical, historical, sociological, political, economic/business or psychological perspectives of motorcycling culture

In addition to traditional academic paper presentations, we encourage submissions using alternate forms, such as photographic exhibitions or multimedia presentations herunterladen.

Please respond to Lisa Garber ( with a biographical statement and an abstract of 150 words by January 15, 2010 download tableau.

Basic information about IJMS and the conference can be found at

Fine Art Fridays: ArtBiker Photos In Germany

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May 292009
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Einladung Ausstellungseröffnung Motorcycle_Page_2


Last year I was invited to participate in an exhibition that would happen in Trier, Germany.  Last night was the much-anticipated opening and I understand that there were hundreds of art and motorcycle enthusiasts in attendance.  I really wish I could have been there for the event, but will have to make do with second hand reports.  Luckily, good friend and editor of the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies, Susanne Ferriss, was there and sent in a few pictures.  (Story on IJMS coming up in a month or so, check it out at abonnieren zum herunterladen steam.


I am one of the participating artists and the others include: Ferriss, Keller, Lichter, Steinmann, and Anderen.  The show will run through June 27th and if any of my European readers make the show, please let me know what you think!  And if any of my American readers find themselves in Germany, please stop in and check it all out iphone backup downloaden.


Love, Respect, and Make Art,