Oct 202010

a photograph from a past World Run held in Prague

Each year the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club brings together two representatives from every Hells Angels chapter for a business meeting spiele kostenlos downloaden solitaire free. This international gathering of members is known as the World Run.  Laconia has been selected as the destination for 2011 and members from all over the world are looking forward to the trip Download pet games for free.  The last World Run held in the New Hampshire town was in 2003.

“A World Run will take place in Laconia,” said P. Scott Bratton, the legal representative of the Hells Angels, adding that it would be centered on the club’s Laconia clubhouse on Fillmore Avenue in The Weirs and will take place July 27 – 31 Download ringtone for iphone 7.  This is not the same weekend at the famous Laconia Bike Week Rally, which is historically held over Father’s Day Weekend in June.

“We expect approximately 2,000 Hells Angels to attend with their families who will be vacationing at the lake and we see it as a positive event for the community since it will financially benefit local merchants and retailers,” said Bratton instagram für windows downloaden.

Belknap County Sheriff Craig Wiggin said that he, like Laconia Police Chief Mike Moyer, did not expect many problems during the World Run. Wiggin did say, however, that his and other law enforcement entities were concerned about “people trying to make a name for themselves” who may provoke an incident with the Hells Angels, or the Hells Angels coming into contact with members of rival clubs. Part of this worry is undoubtedly due to the event that took place in Manchester last week where a man was supposedly assaulted by HA members.  Michael Keller, 39, of Derry, NH claims to have been attacked by members of the club.  He then went to Derry to get guns with intent of coming back for retaliation.  It never got that far as Keller was arrested while sitting in his vehicle in front of Cactus Jack’s, the restaurant where the incident took place mero lieder herunterladen.

Following the 2003 World Run, the Hells Angels through Bratton thanked residents of the city and the Lakes Region for their “respectful hospitality.” He said, “Most would agree that the event was a success, including the Hells Angels, local merchants, the law enforcement community and, importantly, the citizens of the Lakes Region.”

Jun 072010

Ed Winterhalder… love him download from youtube for free? Hate him? Indifferent? Don’t know who he is?  Well, evidently he has authored and/or co-authored a number of books.  The one I happen to have on my shelf at the moment is Out In Bad Standings, which was not my favorite biker reads.  That being said, he has been touted by someone as one of the top authorities on bikers and the biker lifestyle, and he has a new project out.  He can add Producer to his list of accomplishments as he has his hand in a new television series about biker chicks… or should I say, chicz musik mp3 player kostenlos herunterladen.

Below is the press release.  If you see them filming in Laconia, be sure to wear an  ArtBiker shirt and get me some free air time!

Love, Respect, and Biker TV,



Contact: John Pruner

Blockhead City Entertainment

PO Box 1654, Owasso, OK 74055-1654

918-274-8260 or bhcpressoffice at aol.com


BOSTON, MA – 6/2/10 – Eight members of a Boston area all female motorcycle club called the East Coast Biker Chicks, will soon be featured in a new television series herunterladen. Filming for the Biker Chicz docu-reality series is scheduled to start on June 19th during the annual Laconia Bike Week in Laconia NH, and continue in eastern Massachusetts throughout the summer herunterladen.

Biker Chicz will focus on the positive aspects of the Harley-Davidson biker lifestyle and is being produced by an Oklahoma production company, Blockhead City Entertainment download van netflix op pc. “Our intention is to produce a happy, feel good television series that will be enjoyable to watch, and realistically capture the true nature of bikers, their spirit and the Harley lifestyle – this series will be just the opposite of what you see in shows like Sons of Anarchy and Gangland,” said Executive Producer Edward Winterhalder the three question signs download for free rapid.

Winterhalder, a biker personality, author and the creator of the Biker Chicz TV series, has been riding Harleys since 1974 youtube video ab bestimmter stelleen. One of the world’s leading authorities on bikers, motorcycle clubs and the Harley-Davidson biker lifestyle; his books about the biker lifestyle are published in multiple languages and sold all over the world youtube auf ps3 herunterladen. “Because I have lived the biker lifestyle myself for more than thirty-five years, I feel confident that I can accurately capture for TV what really goes on in the life of a biker on a day-to-day basis,” he said age of empires 2 kostenlos downloaden.

Lucky Belcamino, the founder and current President of the East Coast Biker Chicks, is excited to be a part of this ground breaking concept. “Thank God someone is finally going to show the world that bikers are ordinary people from all walks of life; regular people that have families and jobs, who enjoy riding Harleys in their spare time and giving back to the communities in which they live when they can,” Lucky said icloud photos download on pc.

Another Harley rider featured in the Biker Chicz TV series, Annie Concemi, who was recently profiled on TLC’s blockbuster series What Not To Wear, was adamant when she said, “Everyone I know is sick and tired of all of the negative television these days, where everyone argues and fights for sixty minutes – Biker Chicz will be a breath of fresh air as far as I am concerned.”

For more information about the Biker Chicz TV series, please go to www.blockheadcity.com and click on the “Television” button.

Weekend Pass : Another Noise Ordinance

 Motorcycle Rally, Weekend Pass : Biker's Rights and the Law  Comments Off on Weekend Pass : Another Noise Ordinance
Jan 222009

It seems to be happening all over the country and it has been affecting major motorcycle rallies for some time… What, you may ask designs für handys kostenlosen?  Well, if you can hear me over your straight pipes, the noise is the problem.  Daytona, the now defunct Myrtle Beach, heck, even Sturgis have been more aggressive in their fight with noise pollution caused by motorcycles spanische musik herunterladen.  And now it seems that Laconia is about to fight the good fight.

Wednesday saw a public hearing about a bill sponsored by State Representative Judith Day of North Hampton kostenlos mp3 herunterladen ohne anmeldung.  Evidently, she got 1,000 voters to sign a petition asking that stronger limits on motorcycle noise be implemented in the state of New Hampshire disney plus ps3 herunterladen.  The proposed bill asks that the allowable decibel level be dropped to 99 from 106.  The bill also asks that fines be increased from a $300 max to $1,000 herunterladen.

Luckily for us, about 120 people showed up at the public hearing to oppose the bill and express concerns that the bill would not only cost bikers and shops a ton of cash to get their bikes into compliance, but could very well harm the attendance of the Laconia Rally play store whatsapp for free.  This event brings major funds to the Lakes Region and many businesses are understandably concerned.

Keep up the good fight, write your congressmen and representatives, and keep your bike the way you like it… Christmas motifs for free to. Loud!


Love, Respect, and Ride Safe,