Mar 032011

There are a few types of footprints out there… there is; of course, Vans and Converse… and I suppose for some of you there is Air Walk.  Oh, ok, and for all you old guys, there are the engineer boot prints, but the younger set is probably still stompin’ around in their Doc’s.  But that is not exactly what I am talking about.  No, this footprint is somewhere between those just stated, and that notorious “carbon” footprint we are all worried about.  This footprint is pretty awesome, actually.  It is an effort put together by Lisa Ballard and The Limpnickie Lot (read, mostly Vans footprints), to raise some cash and put some food onto the shelves of the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.  Now last year they did a good job… Hell, anything at all is good when you are talking about helping to feed a family… but I know this year will be even better!  So read the press release below and please, please give something… You don’t want to lug canned goods in your saddlebag all the way from Oregon?  You will be happy to know that they will accept cash futura light schrift download kostenlos.


Give a little, help a lot, and enjoy Bike Week.


Hope to see you there.






The Limpnickie Lot joins forces with Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida for the Limpnickie Lot Footprint


We are proud to announce that for the second year the Limpnickie Lot Footprint will be left with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida during Daytona Bike Week download instagram live videos. The Limpnickie Lot Footprint was created to leave an impression within the rally communities.

We are asking you to stop by the local grocery store and pick up a few extra canned goods to help replenish the bare shelves word voor macbook pro gratis downloaden. You can add your donations to the big red bins located at the Stone Edge Skatepark throughout the week. We will also be accepting cash donations as their state program that allows them to buy it back for a greater amount With the generous donations during last year’s Bike Week, we raised $550.00 xing contacts. We chose to spend the first hundred dollars at the local Food Lion store to add to the bins, which was a total of 140 lbs. of non-perishable food.  We then proceeded to write a few checks totaling $450.00 to the Second Harvest Food Bank office powerpoint for free mac. “With Second Harvest of Central Florida’s buying power equates to $4050.00 dollars worth of food. That in turn will feed 83 families of four for 4 days fitbit versa zifferblatt download kostenlos. We really appreciate you thinking of us and starting this program. You have made a lot of needy families happy,’ stated Second Harvest operation manager, Bob Thomas

We look forward to a great Bike Week and would like to thank you in advance for your contribution you can download games. If you are not heading to Daytona but would love to donate, please go to the Limpnickie Lot blog, and click the PayPal link on the left side panel sims 2 windows 10 kostenlos downloaden. 100% of the donations will go to Second Harvest Food Bank

For more information about the Limpnickie Lot Footprint, please contact Lisa Ballard at




Lisa M google mail downloaden. Ballard



Feb 142011

You may know them… The Limpnickie Lot.  They are a collaboration of custom bike builders and American Parts manufacturers from the “Next Generation” of the American V-Twin industry herunterladen. Comprised of small shops and individuals, it is their mission to band together to promote their unique blend of culture and style derived from many younger influences including Motocross, skateboarding, heavy music, BMX, and other aspects of the next generation Download diabetes software for free.

You can check out more about the Limpnickie Lot, their history, and their philosophy by visiting them on the web here or by checking them out at one of the many national events they attend to promote their wares brawl stars zum downloaden.

But watch out young whippersnappers!  Those old guys have not run out of energy quite yet!  In fact, they are banding together to form a united front of talent, craft, expertise, and experience app zumen von videos iphone!

Enter the Greybeard Society.

Now with nine “official” members, the Greybeard Society is for those members of the motorcycle industry at least 45 years of age with at least 10 years under their belts, build their own stuff, and are anti-establishment types who don’t follow the rules but, rather, create and innovate thru blood, sweat and HOURS facebook videos app iphone! These are the ones you may not know, but should.

Who is on the roster so far??  Please welcome the 1st string of players!

Steve “BrewDude” Garn

Pat Leahy

Skeeter Todd

Rick Lewis

Wayne Cothran

Jerry Long

CJ Allan

Duane Ballard

Chuck Kelley

What you are looking at is a list of 9 amazing artists, craftsmen, industry folks, and all around good characters.  I understand that there will be a tenth name added soon.  What you should really, really do is go to their Facebook page and “like” them.  That way you can keep up with all the updates automatically download all images of a homepage mac.

While they may not be skateboarding or listening to Punk Rock while at the rally closest to you, perhaps you can tease them about motorized barstool or Hoveround races and stop in for a free blood pressure screening.  But do it respectfully cause these guys are your elders.  They know a lot more, have been around a lot longer, and probably have perfected ways to kill you in your sleep and get away with it netflix filme nicht herunterladen!

Seriously, it is my hope that these guys get some of the recognition they deserve and, by banding together, they become a real force to be reckoned with and admired.  Way to go guys… and if you lower the age requirement to 41, I want in! download music like!

Love, Respect, and Greybeards!


New Limpnickie Lot Shirts

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Nov 022010

I dig the gang involved with the Limpnickie Lot and have been lucky to meet some of the crew at various events.  Our friend Lisa Ballard is helping to promote their new line of shirts and asked that we pass it on to ya wie kann man toca hair salon 3 kostenlos downloaden!  Pick one up and if you are in town this week for the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, stop by the Limpnickie Lot Bar on the island… that is where you will find me…



Get ‘em while they’re hot firefoxen windows 7! New 100% Cotton, Pre-shrunk T-shirts that commemorates all of the 35 builders on the 2011 Limpnickie Lot Tour. You know where we are at the rallies, now help support us locally fonts herunterladen. Each star on the back of the shirt locates a Limpnickie Lot Builder’s home state and location. To order one for yourself and a few for your friends, please go to

Price is $20 up to XL, additional for larger sizes, plus shipping herunterladen. Make sure you stay up to date with all of us by checking our blog at

Easyriders Show Opens Saturday… Great New Format

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Oct 222010

Well, I was just on the horn trying to get a hold of my good friend Steve “BrewDude” Garn.  You know all about him by now, as he is the master who is building my Panhead.  By the way, it is only hours away from completion now… I mean, just a few hours.   Not even a day.  So I was wondering if he was going to try to enter it in the Easyriders Bike Show Tour that is starting this Saturday, October 23, in Greenville, SC.  It is not far from where Steve has his shop in NC and I was hoping that we might get her out and seen by the public zoom download mac kostenlos.

Well, while the bike could be ready, Brew is swamped with other obligations and things going on, so he is not going to take the Pan.  Too bad, but hey, no biggie.  The Tour is skipping my neck of the woods this year, but the Rat’s Hole Show is in a couple weeks and I think we will enter her there download music on play music.

But you can read about in a day or two… the thing that has me excited is that the Easyrider’s Tour has made a few changes in programming that I personally like.  Everyone has an opinion, so you may see it different, but for where I am in my life right now, it is pretty cool herunterladen.

First, the stuff that everyone can get behind… the Limpnickie Lot is going to be in attendance and that is always a good time.  I know and/or have met many of these guys and they always make an event fun.  Like myself, they grew up with Vans, skateboards, punk rock, tattoos, and motorcycles.  Plus, Paul Yaffe is making the trip this year and I am sure by now you all know about his site, Bagger Nation.  Baggers and punk rock bobbers… How can that not be a good combination office zum herunterladen?

Next is the musical lineup and the opportunity to meet two of Rock and Roll’s legends – Vince Neil of Motley Crue and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.  Cowboy Mouth and others will also be taking the stage and there are always the beautiful women of the Purrfect Angelz to perform between sets download blind script.

Lichter will be there to shoot bikes and maybe he will even be showing some of his very famous bike photography and there will, of course, be stunt shows and a record high 55 bike show categories download zoo tycoon for free german.

But, now on to the new part that works for me.  I have always attended the Easyriders show alone while always taking my family to the Cycle World International shows… why?  Well, the Easyrider’s show has always been good, but not kid friendly (which is also just fine).  But this year they have stepped it up to try and attract those biker’s like myself who now have little ankle biters running around.  They will have a new Interactive Children’s Area that will be hosted by the stars of Disney’s show, “Hannah Montana.”  Now my kids are not quite old enough to be into her, but there will also be other Disney and Nickelodeon stars there to entertain them whatsapp herunterladen iphone.

Plus, Easyriders has discovered that women don’t ONLY like getting naked and draping themselves over a sweet sled, but actually ride their own on occasion.  So they are reaching out with a special area for the ladies, which will include free giveaways, gift bags, help for first time riders, and more herunterladen.

So, I can take the family there, the kiddos will love it, the Ol’ Lady will have something special for her, and I can do what I always do… walk around the Easyriders show by myself download nitrado worlds.



More info from the Easyriders Site.

Mar 122010

So, as if I didn’t feel bad enough about missing Daytona… our friend Lisa Ballard sent this release to us to put out…  Looks like someone who had just picked up a new Panhead, lost his baby to a burn out pit fire uni ulm software to download. One thing is for sure… you get the kids from the Limpnickie Lot teamed up with the gang from the Broken Spoke Saloon, and things are gonna get crazy! postcards app!  Couldn’t put on a better party if ya tried!



For Immediate Release

Rally goers flocked to the Broken Spoke in droves during Daytona Bike Week 2010 and we want to send out a big thanks from the entire staff wps office kostenlos downloaden.

Daytona Beach, March 10, 2010- The Broken Spoke Saloon would like to thank all of their patronages that chose the Spoke as their home throughout the Daytona Bike Week app für android um youtube videos zu downloaden. In spite of less than favorable weather, the Spoke’s die hard fan base turned out and put down a positive vibe that made this rally one of the best in our history outlook für ios herunterladen.

The energy was positive and everyone enjoyed the ongoing party.

Even the bands fought through some bitter cold conditions to lay down performances that were nothing less than epic, taking the crowd on a sweet journey to the night‘s end herunterladen. Even Gallagher stripped down to his boxers, determined not to let Old Man winter take him down.

The crowd got more than they expected during the annual Limpnickie Lot night when members of the lot took the stage for a multi-bike, head to head, burnout and all of a sudden one bike, a Panhead, burst into flames right before the crowd’s huge eyes amazon serie auf laptop herunterladen. 30 foot flames added instant heat to the event but lucky, no one was hurt through the ordeal, due to the quick actions of the BSS staff and voluntary firefighters that were on hand Download vimeo for free. Now we know why Jay Allen has so many fire extinguishers on hand.

Burnouts are king at The Spoke and with the kind of unlimited amount of chaos only burnouts can bring to a party, Broken Spoke kept the crowd warm all week with a steady stream of smoke from events like the Baker Burnout and S&S Burnout Competitions herunterladen. There’s nothing better than pulling into the spoke and seeing a giant cloud of smoke heading through the bar.

So how was Daytona, you might ask violin noten kostenlos downloaden? Well let’s see…… Smokey burnouts, check. Hell Raising, Check! Killer tunes, CHECK! A week away from the average life…… HELL YEAH!!!!

Be sure to catch all of the events that will take place at every Broken Spoke Location by going to or check out the new BSS blog,

Till we meet again,

Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down!