Statement about the happenings in Berlin/ Germany

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Feb 162010

After numerous requests from the press and from other clubs, it is obvious that not everybody understands the situation yet Download my cloud folder. In order to clarify it, this will be our last statement concerning this issue.

The Bandidos MC is more than surprised about the commotion and the headlines in the press concerning the retirement of the Berlin Centro Members download picsart pc. Only one out of five of our Berlin Chapters is closed and only 6 Bandidos MC Members left our club, NOT 70 as stated in the press before.

The President of Berlin Centro Chapter “Kadir”, his Sgt at Arms “Harty” and the Members “Chucky”, “Bülow”, “Ibo”, and “Grille” along with 9 club prospects and 2 none club associates betrayed our Nation and immediately switched as full patch members of another motorcycle club medion netflix.

We won’t approve any hateful guestbook entries on our web pages.

Fears about an escalation of a “Biker War”, are unwarranted and not true!! Download apps for android!

Bandidos MC Europe