Fine Art Fridays: More Biker Art – if you can believe it!

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Jul 172009

Wow, everytime I turn around there is another press release about another show coming down the pike that has to do with bikes and bikers… I suppose it makes a lot of sense seeing how we are just weeks away from Sturgis and most of the events are taking place in tandem with this annual event.  So, without further ado, here are two more fantastic opportunities to feed your creative soul with visual stimulus while you sip a cold one in the black hills.

Jay Allen is proud to announce the addition of a fine art gallery in the upper portion of the main bar of the Broken Spoke Saloon.  For Sturgis 2009, the work of David Uhl, John Guillemette, Jeff Cochran and Colleen Swartz will be on display along with bikes from Billy Lane, Ron Finch, Samantha Morgan and the BSS Worlds Fastest Indian psp spiele downloaden und auf memory stick.

David Uhl, has been called “The Norman Rockwell of Harley-Davidson artists.” And his work is much sought after by many collectors. A rider, oil painting artist and an accomplished commercial illustrator, David will bring originals from his collection which focuses on imagery from the turn of the century Download amazon prime video for free. You can view more of David’s work at his web site,

John Guillemette is an oil on canvas artist from Revere, Massachusetts. His original oil paintings are vibrantly colored and meticulous in their detail and many of them feature classic as well as custom motorcycle themes.  John’s artwork has been featured in many national publications such as Hot Bike, Thunderoads, The Motorcycle post, Easyriders and V-twin magazines adobe indesign. In addition, John’s original works of Arlen Ness and Jessie James from his “Masters and Machines” portrait series are on display in the Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio. You can view and purchase John’s original oil paintings and limited edition prints at The Broken Spoke Gallery as well as his website at herunterladen.

Jeff Cochran is the founder of SuckerPunch Sallys, one of the most successful Old-School production bike manufacturers in the US. In addition to building and riding custom bikes, Jeff spent a decade studying alternative lighting techniques in photography. When Jeff started SPS he did all of his own photography and advertising oib herunterladen. This led to many publications requesting art. Jeff has become a noted photographic artist in his own right and now shoots for several magazines throughout the United States and Europe. You can view more of his work at

Colleen Swartz’s work can be found in many national and international publications thunderbird herunterladen stoppen. Starting back in 2003, Colleen traveled the rally circuit offering souvenir photo shoots and building relationships. Now, more than 6 years later, Colleen has turned these relationships into the passion of her life, shooting bikes for publication and individual use, working with beautiful women and using her photojournalistic talents to document the history that unfolds every day. Her work can be viewed at

The Legends Gallery opening will be on Sunday, August 2nd at 6-9 PM following the conclusion of the Michael Lichter Ride with Sugarbear at the Sturgis County Line apps herunterladen ohne google play. You are welcome to join the curator, Jay Allen along with the legendary artists, bike builders and iconic industry guests for a hors d’œuvres reception. The Gallery will be open throughout the Sturgis Rally from Noon until Midnight.

Sturgis Monkey Rock (formerly Thunder Road) has partnered with Segal Fine Art to bring the David Mann Museum Exhibit to the 69th annual event herunterladen. The exhibit will feature over 50 David Mann originals, many not previously offered for public viewing, including the world famous “Ghost Rider” featured here (and on ArtBiker’s Chest). The collection of never before seen paintings comes from the archives of Paisano Publications (Easyriders Magazine) and demonstrates Mann’s broad range of creative excellence von spotify musik herunterladen.

The genius of Dave Mann will be exhibited at Monkey Rock daily July 31 through August 8 from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Other pieces unique to Segal Fine Art will also be available. Monkey Rock Event Center is located at the heart of the rally on Highway 34. There is an abundance of free parking. Entertainment and event updates as well as exhibitor information can be found on their website facebook messenger datei herunterladen. Monkey Rock.

Hope to see some of you at these two events in the next few weeks.

Love, Respect, and Fine Art,


Art Exhibition Update(s) and Art Talk Tonight

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Jul 092009

Last Friday I posted about five amazing new art exhibitions coming up that concern bikes, bikers, and the biker lifestyle.  I have also had the privilege of being contacted by a couple museum folks with some more specific info apple ios 13 downloaden.

The first comes in the form of a comment from Corinne from the Kimball Art Center… she mentions that tonight, Thursday, July 9, they are presenting a FREE art talk–using Bikeriders as a backdrop, Art History/Photographer Professor James Swensen will talk about photo culture/counter culture of the 1960s gta pc spiel kostenlos.  If you are in the area, please check this out and let me know what you think!

The second is a longer note from artist/photographer Tom Zimberoff himself apps herunterladen bei android.  I am printing it as it came to me:

Truck curb side version 15_2Thanks for the write-up, Matt navigon europe kostenlos downloaden.

FYI, the exhibition at the Appleton Museum will be every bit as extensive as the Clinton Library show, including 125 photographic prints, including the large-format portraits of the artists who created the choppers alarmstufe rot 2 yuris rache kostenlos downloaden.

I’m not sure the Sturgis event will be “annual;” we’ll see how successful it is this first time around. It’s hard to fill up an air-conditioned, track-lighted 53′-long trailer with new prints every year, especially because I don’t actively shoot anymore Download comedy audiobooks for free. We will feature one chopper inside the truck: Trevelen’s El Peligroso. I will include the “Wall of Portraits,” with 58 examples of the portraits I have made of artists in the chopper genre do not download whatsapp image automatically. Many of them will be making unscheduled pit stops to show off their bikes and sign autographs in front of our truck situated at MonkeyRock.


Incidentally, I always try to point out that the Appleton and Clinton shows are, indeed, art shows not “bike shows.” Ours is the first and only comprehensive collection of motorcycles created explicitly as contemporary art hp scanner software free download. It raises the bar for prestige, extending the appeal of custom motorcycles to a broader audience, beyond the motorcycling community. It is further distinguished by its emphasis on the roles of individual artists in addition to the influences of their work ps4 game via mobile phone.

It’s been more than a decade since the Guggenheim Museum’s exhibition of The Art of the Motorcycle debuted. It is still the fifth most successful art show of all time worldwide Download skillet monster. With more than three million attendees in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Bilbao it rivals The Treasures of Tutankhamun. That number seems like reason enough for a corollary exhibition. The Clinton and Appleton represent our “off-Broadway” rehearsal runs. Our goal is to bring AOTC to the Smithsonian, the Getty, MoMA . . . perhaps Centre Pompidou in Paris and another venue in Asia.

The Guggenheim didn’t set out to acknowledge artists. It presented a chronological collection of commercially-produced motorcycles to illustrate the evolution of twentieth century industrial design. There were virtually no examples—a single knock-off copy—of the V-twin paradigm that inspires the culture of custom motorcycles, an art form as indigenous to America as jazz, rock ’n’ roll, that has been similarly embraced and transformed worldwide.

Well, that’s it for a Sunday morning. Keep up the good work. I hope to see you in Sturgis or Ocala.

With my best regards,



Thanks to both for sending me info and updates… I look forward to seeing the shows if I can and wish the best of luck to all the exhibitors.

Love, Respect, and Fine Art!