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Art of the Chopper” strives to present motorcycles as both sculptural art and artifacts of American culture. During the exhibition, the Appleton will showcase 30 choppers, each accompanied by a series of photographs and display panels featuring background information on the bike’s builder herunterladen. Among the well-known names will be Indian Larry, Rick Fairless, Jerry Graves, Ron Finch and Mike Brown. A series of special events and motorcycle-related programs will be presented at the museum on weekends during the three-month exhibition windows 7 german. 
As the first collection of custom motorcycles created explicitly as contemporary art, “Art of the Chopper” recently concluded its debut at the William J steam for free. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Ark. Director Terry Garner said, “These motorcycles are, when curated correctly, works of contemporary art herunterladen. We fondly refer to them as Rolling Sculptures because the ‘chopper’ is a uniquely American icon, a creation that demands remarkable design and engineering while clearly expressing the artistry and personalities of their builders and owners.”

The official opening ceremonies will take place on Friday October 9th and the show will run through January 10th, 2010.  Friday’s festivities will include “Art Of The Chopper” author and exhibition curator Tom Zimberoff, Cyril Huze, Hank Young, and Vince Doll for a press conference followed by a VIP Kick Start Party from 4 to 10 pm camstudio kostenlos.

In addition to Zimberoff’s portraits and photographic prints depicting the artists, the following artists are represented by their motorcycles in the exhibition:

Mike Brown (Holy Roller), Chica (Freedom Forever), Dave Cook (Cook Norton & Ramble), Vince Doll (Curves and S&S Bike), Christian Dotson (Swingshot and Aileron), Trevelen (El Peligroso), Rick Fairless (Bettie), Ron Finch (Odin’s Axle), “Big Al” Gaither (Blue Goose), Jerry Graves (Mad Rat), Jim Guitar (Er Hed), Gard Hollinger (Fancily), Cyril Huze (Graffiti), Shinya Kimura (Spike), Scott Long (Stingray), Joe Martin (The Destroyer), Dave Perewitz (Stinger), Mondo (Easyrider’s 35th Anniversary Bike), Mike Pugliese (Knuckle Under), Roland Sand (Glory Stomper), Indian Larry (Chain of Mystery), Ron Simms (Fuck Luck), Donnie Smith (Donnie’s Blower Bike), Eddie Trotta (Camel III), Paul Yaffe (El Cadence), Hank Young (Flying Pan and Disk Drive)

For information call the Appleton at 352-291-4455 or visit www.AppletonMuseum.org malware anti malware herunterladen. The Appleton Museum of Art is located at 4333 E. Silver Springs Blvd. (State Road 40), Ocala, just east of downtown (exit 352 east off I-75 or exit 268 west off I-95) download photoscape photo editing program for free.

Love, Respect, and Motorcycle Art,