Fine Art Fridays: ArtBiker Photos In Germany

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May 292009
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Last year I was invited to participate in an exhibition that would happen in Trier, Germany.  Last night was the much-anticipated opening and I understand that there were hundreds of art and motorcycle enthusiasts in attendance.  I really wish I could have been there for the event, but will have to make do with second hand reports.  Luckily, good friend and editor of the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies, Susanne Ferriss, was there and sent in a few pictures.  (Story on IJMS coming up in a month or so, check it out at abonnieren zum herunterladen steam.


I am one of the participating artists and the others include: Ferriss, Keller, Lichter, Steinmann, and Anderen.  The show will run through June 27th and if any of my European readers make the show, please let me know what you think!  And if any of my American readers find themselves in Germany, please stop in and check it all out iphone backup downloaden.


Love, Respect, and Make Art,