Apr 202011

Well friends, Tom Zimberoff is at it again and his exhibition, Art of the Chopper is coming to Kansas City.  The show is based on his two books, Art of the Chopper I and II, which I might add, are both sitting on my shelf here at the studio.  I remember when the first volume came out, I had the opportunity to meet Tom in Sturgis where he was hocking his wares netflix filme herunterladen ohne app.  I believe it was near the Rat’s Hole show at the Full Throttle, but I could be wrong.  I am sure he would remember.  Not meeting me, of course, but where he was selling his books.

Anyway, if you have not had the opportunity to check out his exhibition, make sure to do it!  Not only will you see some beautiful photography of some amazing machines, but many of the bikes will be on display as well photoshop cc 2019 herunterladen.  An absolutely amazing sight to behold.

The show is going up at the Union Station and will be on display for just over three months.  Check it out.  I may even load the ol’ lady and the kiddos into the family van and take them out to see it.    Hey, a family needs a destination for a summer trip, right herunterladen?  What could be more educational and enlightening than a trip to a museum!


Congrats Tom, I am sure it is gonna be one hell of a show.


Love, Respect, and Bikes as Art,




April 19, 2011

Haut Moteur: Art of the Chopper

June 24 through October 2, 2011


KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 19, 2011 — Imagine motorcycles, unlike any you’ve seen before, arrayed on pedestals and resplendent in their sculptural variety.  These extravagant mechanical confections are like Fabergé eggs with engines—exquisite yet hard-boiled Watch netflix download offline. Forget bikers. Think haut moteur.

Haut moteur is to motorcycles as haute couture is to apparel.

Just as a couturier’s gown goes from runway to rack with each new season—an archetype of fashion unveiled, so do over-the-top motorcycles initiate a process of trickle-down style, which eventually wends its way to mainstream machines on the showroom floor.

A chopper is the epitome of haut moteur: a highly conceptualized handmade motorcycle and vehicle of self-expression, balancing the polarized dynamics of flamboyance and minimalism on two wheels izettle app herunterladen. What makes them cool, says guest curator Tom Zimberoff, “is getting something wrong just right..” His discerning eye brings a breath of fresh exhaust to Union Station.

Based on Zimberoff’s best-selling books, Art of the Chopper and Art of the Chopper II, this exhibition of thirty choppers integrates each artist’s portrait with other documentary photographs and their motorcycles on display, thereby offering the public a glimpse into a parallel universe populated by the high priests of horsepower, those lane-splitting libertarians on the road to perdition with a lust for life and a consummate sense of style download icebreaker albums for free. Their eccentric machines go a long way toward explaining why ordinary bike builders abound but artists are rare. Only artists go beyond imitation to invention, to subordinate the disparate ingredients of a mainstream motorcycle into a singular vision, while blurring orthodox notions about form and function. Like other idioms of American culture, including jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, the chopper has been embraced and transformed by proponents throughout the world wie kann man instagram bilder downloaden. Praise the lowered!

“Art of the Chopper is absolutely unique,” said George Guastello, president and CEO of Union Station. “Anyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle or dreamed of riding one will want to see this collection. We are proud to be able to bring this exhibition to Kansas City.  This exhibition is the first of its kind and we expect the community will enjoy this extraordinary experience of motorcycle art.”

Billed as “one of the most amazing motorcycle exhibitions ever presented” during its appearance at the William J musik herunterladen chip. Clinton Presidential Library in Arkansas, Art of the Chopper was the first curated contemporary art exhibition consisting entirely of custom motorcycles.


About Union Station Kansas City, Inc.

Union Station Kansas City is a historical landmark and civic asset renovated and reopened to the public in 1999 youtube auf ipaden. The organization, driven by its mission of science and history education and entertainment, features a science center, the popular Model Railroad Experience open year round, new planetarium, one of the region’s largest screen movie theaters, live theater, shops, restaurants and home to prominent area civic organizations and businesses. Visit unionstation.org for details.



TOM ZIMBEROFF, curator, biographer, and illustrator of Art of the Chopper, is a classically trained clarinetist (USC School of Performing Arts) who began his photographic career covering the rock-music scene amazon video download pc. Subsequently, for twenty-six years, he traveled throughout the world on assignment for magazines as a photojournalist with the Sygma Photo Agency and, later, Gamma-Liaison. As an accomplished commercial photographer, too, his work was featured in the annual reports and advertising campaigns of many Fortune 500 companies. His images of celebrities, scholars, artists, scientists, business leaders, and politicians, including two sitting American Presidents, were published regularly worldwide and on the covers of Time, Fortune, Money, and People, as well as other periodicals. Zimberoff is known for his portraiture, with examples in the National Portrait Gallery in London, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum, the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel-Aviv, and the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, among other institutions. His first two subjects were Marx and Lennon — Groucho and John, that is.

Zimberoff is an authority on the topic of business administration for commercial photography applications, as the author of Photography: Focus on Profit (Allworth Press), the first college textbook about the business side of photography. He has also contributed articles to the leading photo-industry trade journals. Zimberoff wrote and developed PhotoByte®, the leading business-management software application for professional photographers.

Zimberoff was born in Los Angeles in 1951. He was raised there and in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Portrait photography,” he says, “is a predatory sport. I stalk my prey like a big-game hunter, look for a good clean shot, and try to avoid unnecessary wounds. I hang their heads on a wall to admire like trophies.”

After a ten-year-long hiatus from shooting pictures to pursue other business ventures, Zimberoff picked up his cameras once again to illustrate Art of the Chopper as a tribute to his decades-long affinity for custom motorcycles.  His home is in San Francisco.


Oct 132009

Art of the Chopper” strives to present motorcycles as both sculptural art and artifacts of American culture. During the exhibition, the Appleton will showcase 30 choppers, each accompanied by a series of photographs and display panels featuring background information on the bike’s builder herunterladen. Among the well-known names will be Indian Larry, Rick Fairless, Jerry Graves, Ron Finch and Mike Brown. A series of special events and motorcycle-related programs will be presented at the museum on weekends during the three-month exhibition windows 7 german. 
As the first collection of custom motorcycles created explicitly as contemporary art, “Art of the Chopper” recently concluded its debut at the William J steam for free. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Ark. Director Terry Garner said, “These motorcycles are, when curated correctly, works of contemporary art herunterladen. We fondly refer to them as Rolling Sculptures because the ‘chopper’ is a uniquely American icon, a creation that demands remarkable design and engineering while clearly expressing the artistry and personalities of their builders and owners.”

The official opening ceremonies will take place on Friday October 9th and the show will run through January 10th, 2010.  Friday’s festivities will include “Art Of The Chopper” author and exhibition curator Tom Zimberoff, Cyril Huze, Hank Young, and Vince Doll for a press conference followed by a VIP Kick Start Party from 4 to 10 pm camstudio kostenlos.

In addition to Zimberoff’s portraits and photographic prints depicting the artists, the following artists are represented by their motorcycles in the exhibition:

Mike Brown (Holy Roller), Chica (Freedom Forever), Dave Cook (Cook Norton & Ramble), Vince Doll (Curves and S&S Bike), Christian Dotson (Swingshot and Aileron), Trevelen (El Peligroso), Rick Fairless (Bettie), Ron Finch (Odin’s Axle), “Big Al” Gaither (Blue Goose), Jerry Graves (Mad Rat), Jim Guitar (Er Hed), Gard Hollinger (Fancily), Cyril Huze (Graffiti), Shinya Kimura (Spike), Scott Long (Stingray), Joe Martin (The Destroyer), Dave Perewitz (Stinger), Mondo (Easyrider’s 35th Anniversary Bike), Mike Pugliese (Knuckle Under), Roland Sand (Glory Stomper), Indian Larry (Chain of Mystery), Ron Simms (Fuck Luck), Donnie Smith (Donnie’s Blower Bike), Eddie Trotta (Camel III), Paul Yaffe (El Cadence), Hank Young (Flying Pan and Disk Drive)

For information call the Appleton at 352-291-4455 or visit www.AppletonMuseum.org malware anti malware herunterladen. The Appleton Museum of Art is located at 4333 E. Silver Springs Blvd. (State Road 40), Ocala, just east of downtown (exit 352 east off I-75 or exit 268 west off I-95) download photoscape photo editing program for free.

Love, Respect, and Motorcycle Art,


Art Exhibition Update(s) and Art Talk Tonight

 Fine Art Fridays  Comments Off on Art Exhibition Update(s) and Art Talk Tonight
Jul 092009

Last Friday I posted about five amazing new art exhibitions coming up that concern bikes, bikers, and the biker lifestyle.  I have also had the privilege of being contacted by a couple museum folks with some more specific info apple ios 13 downloaden.

The first comes in the form of a comment from Corinne from the Kimball Art Center… she mentions that tonight, Thursday, July 9, they are presenting a FREE art talk–using Bikeriders as a backdrop, Art History/Photographer Professor James Swensen will talk about photo culture/counter culture of the 1960s gta pc spiel kostenlos.  If you are in the area, please check this out and let me know what you think!

The second is a longer note from artist/photographer Tom Zimberoff himself apps herunterladen bei android.  I am printing it as it came to me:

Truck curb side version 15_2Thanks for the write-up, Matt navigon europe kostenlos downloaden.

FYI, the exhibition at the Appleton Museum will be every bit as extensive as the Clinton Library show, including 125 photographic prints, including the large-format portraits of the artists who created the choppers alarmstufe rot 2 yuris rache kostenlos downloaden.

I’m not sure the Sturgis event will be “annual;” we’ll see how successful it is this first time around. It’s hard to fill up an air-conditioned, track-lighted 53′-long trailer with new prints every year, especially because I don’t actively shoot anymore Download comedy audiobooks for free. We will feature one chopper inside the truck: Trevelen’s El Peligroso. I will include the “Wall of Portraits,” with 58 examples of the portraits I have made of artists in the chopper genre do not download whatsapp image automatically. Many of them will be making unscheduled pit stops to show off their bikes and sign autographs in front of our truck situated at MonkeyRock.


Incidentally, I always try to point out that the Appleton and Clinton shows are, indeed, art shows not “bike shows.” Ours is the first and only comprehensive collection of motorcycles created explicitly as contemporary art hp scanner software free download. It raises the bar for prestige, extending the appeal of custom motorcycles to a broader audience, beyond the motorcycling community. It is further distinguished by its emphasis on the roles of individual artists in addition to the influences of their work ps4 game via mobile phone.

It’s been more than a decade since the Guggenheim Museum’s exhibition of The Art of the Motorcycle debuted. It is still the fifth most successful art show of all time worldwide Download skillet monster. With more than three million attendees in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Bilbao it rivals The Treasures of Tutankhamun. That number seems like reason enough for a corollary exhibition. The Clinton and Appleton represent our “off-Broadway” rehearsal runs. Our goal is to bring AOTC to the Smithsonian, the Getty, MoMA . . . perhaps Centre Pompidou in Paris and another venue in Asia.

The Guggenheim didn’t set out to acknowledge artists. It presented a chronological collection of commercially-produced motorcycles to illustrate the evolution of twentieth century industrial design. There were virtually no examples—a single knock-off copy—of the V-twin paradigm that inspires the culture of custom motorcycles, an art form as indigenous to America as jazz, rock ’n’ roll, that has been similarly embraced and transformed worldwide.

Well, that’s it for a Sunday morning. Keep up the good work. I hope to see you in Sturgis or Ocala.

With my best regards,



Thanks to both for sending me info and updates… I look forward to seeing the shows if I can and wish the best of luck to all the exhibitors.

Love, Respect, and Fine Art!


Jul 042009

Most of you are well aware that I exhibit my biker related artwork internationally and feel that I am very fortunate to do so.  I have been at it a long time and it seems that more and more venues are popping up that are willing to exhibit bikes and biker related imagery.  I think it all hit the mainstream with the HUGE exhibit, The Art Of The Motorcycle that debuted in NYC’s Guggenheim back in the 1990’s.  I remember riding down from my home in Boston to check it out.  It ended up being one of, if not the most attended exhibit the Guggenheim has ever seen gratis musiken android!

In any case, this week we have four big exhibition announcements to bring to you and I hope you can attend at least on of the events.

First, Danny Lyons amazing document of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club during the 1960’s, entitled The Bikeriders, is currently on exhibit at the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah.  I have not had the opportunity to see this entire collection on display at the same time, but have seen some of the images over the years.  Beautiful!  Really worth checking out.  If you can’t get to the show, do yourself a favor and pick up the book by Danny by the same name as the exhibit.  The show runs through July 26th and you can find out more by visiting the website www.kimball-art.org

Second, Sunday, July 12, the SURU Gallery in Los Angeles, California will open up the show Celeritas (Latin for Speed) beats herunterladen kostenlos. The artists participating in this exhibit are: Alex Pardee, Jeff McMillan, Stash, Barry McGee (aka Twist and the artist painting the Hayabusa, who is also featured on the cover of the latest issue (#14) of Swindle magazine), Futura, Mark Dean Veca, Usugrow, Joe Hahn, Jim Lee, Jesse James, Troy Lee, James Jean, Audrey Kawasaki, Darren Romanelli, aka DRx, Nathan Cabrera, Mike Shinoda, Estevan Oriol amazon prime playlist herunterladen. A display of fine art inspired by passion’s urgency, themed through the medium of motorcycling, and realized on the objects of road racing culture such as a motorcycle, helmets and apparel will be the focus of the show netflix app serien herunterladen.

Third, we have The Wind In Your Hair: Vintage Motorcycles being exhibited at The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville from July 18 to September 19, 2009 bücher kostenlos online lesen unden. The exhibit will feature vintage motorcycles manufactured from 1900 to 1970, memorabilia and accessories, three motorcycle-related photography collections by Michael Lichter, Danny Lyon and Sarah Lyon, and kinetic lamp sculptures created from recycled motorcycle parts by Randel Bird.  The Museum will also host a series of restoration and customizing workshops and lectures about collecting motorcycles and the cultural influences of motorcycles in the 20th and 21st centuries and save images.

The exhibit will include rare, unusual and landmark motorcycles of all kinds, including ACE, BMW, Cushman, Douglas, Eagle, Indian, Harley, Excelsior, Motomarini, Triumph, Sunbeam, and Velocette download video by link. One of the oldest bikes featured will be a 1911 Yale, with a tandem seat and original paint designs. This rare, early 20th century bike is the only one still in existence today kostenlose musik downloads deutsche schlager.

Fourth in the line up of shows is going to be up and available during Sturgis Bike Week in South Dakota this year.  This will be the first annual Tom Zimberoff Art of the Chopper Photography Exhibition.  Again, if you are not familiar with this body of work, you might like to pick up one or both of the Art of the Chopper books that Zimberoff has available.  Tom has not only created beautiful documents of the custom machines that builders have created, but has done a wonderful job of creating striking portraits of each of the builders in their own shops.  It should make for a nice show and will run from August 1st to 10th, from 10am to 6 pm at “The Monkey Rock”, 13010 SD Highway 34, Sturgis SD 57785 fortnite download pc free epic games.

Lastly, we have another Art of the Chopper exhibition.  This one has recently debuted at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I am unsure as to how much this show will differ from the exhibit at the Monkey Rock in Sturgis, but I believe it will be a much more thorough display including 30 actual bikes displayed as sculptural pieces and accompanied by Tom’s photographs and detailed background information.  This show is also in Florida, so any of you who can’t make the trek up to Sturgis, but are in the Southeast portion of the country might be able to make it down herunterladen. Ocala Appleton Museum of Art is located at 4333 E. Silver Springs Blvd. (State Road 40) in Ocala; FL. Tickets go on sale July 15 at the museum or go to the Ocala Appleton Museum Website.  The show will be up from Oct. 10, 2009 to Jan. 10, 2010.  Might be worth a side trip while you are down there for Biketoberfest.

Love, Respect, and Biker Art,