Movie Monday: the best in indy chopper flicks!

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Sep 012009


The true heroes that keep it all going will one day receive glory in heaven –Rico

Scott Di Lalla and Zack Coffman of One World Studios bring us what is perhaps the best of the best in home grown biker documentaries.  Choppertown, The Sinners was produced in 2005 and focuses on the build of Kutty Noteboom’s Evo, the Sinners’ Special.  Along the way, we are introduced to the men that make up the elite group of bikers who are bestowed the privilege of wearing the Sinners patch on their backs.  And we, as a tremendous pool of citizens, get to wish and dream that we could someday be accepted into the fold shell shock live for free.

ChoppertownPosterViewers are immediately pulled into the timeless look of the video.  American Cars and bikes from the 40’s and 50’s are met with British imports from the 60’s and 70’s in a mishmash of color, black and white, and low contrast sepia toned footage.  Camera angle and points of view through car windows, at ground level, and from unexpected perspectives keep the scenes flowing along and keep the viewer interested in the camera work as well as the action being captured Download 100 things.

Interviews are engaging and allow us a little insight into this group of young men who have come together in such a way as to rival any family or brotherhood.  Wives and girlfriends may or may not understand entirely the love these guys feel for one another, but they sure do throw their support into the ring… as if they really had much choice in the matter minecraft gratis herunterladen pc.

Members of the club come from all walks of life and are bonded by a love of bikes, cars, and music.  Many of the members are musicians and their flavor of punk rock and rockabilly can be heard throughout the film.  We even have the opportunity to see some of them perform as the group gets together to see a brother play in a show, or the band sets up at the garage for a get together windows 10 1809.

DVD_choppertown3And the garage is where it’s at.  The theme of the film is the build of Noteboom’s bike and we get to hear a bit of the life and love philosophy of some of the members as they explore the build of a timeless machine that is infused with the soul of parts older than the man who will ride it.  Oh, and there is beer… a bit of beer… lots of beer… you can’t build a bike without it hp laserjet 1020 driver for free.

Choppertown is a film I have lived with for a while and it still excites me as much as the first time I watched.  I bought my first copy in 2005 after it was released.  There was a lot of buzz on the message boards like the Jockey Journal about the debut, and then all you saw for months were posts from people around the country and world who desperately wanted to join up and be included… of course, that’s not the way it works, but I think that the documentary was a tremendous success simply based on this reaction Download windows xp for free german.


About six months ago, I was sent a second copy of the film (I had since lent my original to a brother who lent it to a brother who… you get the idea).  I popped it in and was just as entranced as the first time I saw it.  I again wanted to get to know everyone on a personal level.  Luckily for me, this time around I was able to throw in the companion disk, Choppertown From The Vault.  This DVD goes right along with the first film and lets us see a little more.  Shot at the same time, the second film does not feel like sloppy seconds.  In fact, it does a nice job of letting us see more of what goes on in the garage, hear more of the music the members are responsible for, and lets us into their lives for a couple more hours netflix auf tv herunterladen.

So, what to do??  Order yourself both of these DVDs and get some of the boys over to watch with you… just be sure that you leave some time to get out into the garage or hop on the bikes and blow around town together.  You will be inspired mehrere linksen firefox.

Love, Respect, and, in the words of Scott and Zack, “Stay Independent,”


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Fine Art Fridays: Opening for Zack and Scott

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Aug 212009

harbortownbobberTomorrow night there will be a fantastic event happening at the Warschaw Gallery download firefox voor ipad.  For those that don’t know about Zack Coffman and Scott DiLalla, you need to check out Choppertown and Choppertown Nation (their networking site for bikers) download protected video streams.  I have been meaning to write about both for a long time now (soooo sorry guys!  I apologize).  They have a new film coming out that you MUST check ASAP and if you have not yet seen Choppertown or Choppertown FTV, get on their site and order them grußkarten selbst gestalten kostenlos downloaden.

In the meantime, come hang out, drink some wine and enjoy some photos by Choppertown directors Zack Coffman and Scott DiLalla. Earl Kane will be there with his awesome bikes and we’ll be displaying the Harbortown Bobber bike as well download youtube videos for free ipad.


Time: August 22, 2009 from 5pm to 10pm
Location: Warschaw Gallery, 600 S age of mythology for free. Pacific Ave., San Pedro, CA 90731